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International Day of Democracy on September 15th gives us an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate our democratic society. It is very easy for people who live in a free society to take their freedoms for granted. However, when freedom is absent, life includes unimaginable and often incomprehensible challenges. Today, let us reflect on the history of democracy around the world, give thanks to those who have influenced the development of our government, and look for opportunities to strengthen and protect democracy in our country.

In 2007, a resolution was passed by the United Nations General Assembly to celebrate 15 September each year as the International Day of Democracy. The goal for the day is to strengthen the role of government in maintaining open democracy among all UN Charter member states and to celebrate the value system that strengthens democracy, giving citizens the power to make decisions about all aspects of their lives.

In the efforts to defend democratic societies around the world, the United Nations serves a variety of purposes, including monitoring elections, working to strengthen democratic institutions and accountability, and helping countries recovering from conflict to develop their own constitution.


Importance of International Day of Democracy


1.     It gives strength to the people

Democracy is powerful because it gives a voice to the citizens of its nation, allowing them to make the changes they see fit. One consequence of this form of government is that democratic changes create space for new economic theories to emerge, eventually leading to a world of innovation and improvement.


2.     It is based on the change

The cornerstone of democratic societies is that they have the ability to bring about change when necessary. In principle, if all goes well, citizens have the ability to maintain the status quo. But if things don't work out, people have to let go of the old and introduce the new.

3.     It is based on equality

The founding documents of democratic governments place great emphasis on equality: one person, one vote, no matter who you are or your life situation. While this idea has not always been consistent or popular over the centuries, equal rights before the law are essential for democratic governments.


How to Celebrate International Day of Democracy


1.     Get Involved

Each year, the United Nations holds official global events that spread awareness of democracy in action. Previous topics included encouraging young people to participate in democratic movements, addressing sustainable development, and promoting civilization within societies. Learn more about this year's topic and events and see what you can do to get involved.


2.     Information about political candidates

Our responsibility as citizens to vote is important, but we should not go to the polls without knowing. Today, take some time to interview the candidates in the upcoming federal, state, and local elections. Make sure the candidates you vote for truly align with your ideals, will serve your constituents and will make decisions for the betterment of society.


3.     Exercise your rights

As a member of a democratic government, you carry great power. Democracy is both a goal and a process that depends on your participation. Thanks to digital advancements, it is now easier than ever to connect with representatives, invite, vote, and make a difference in our unique form of government.

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