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So, the first Olympic Day was celebrated on the 23rd of June, 1948,9 of the National Olympic Committee (NOC). The world of Olympic Day is celebrated on the 23rd of June, hundreds of thousands of people from around the world (elderly and children), may participate in the sports events


In 1947, at the 41st session of the International Olympic Committee in Stockholm, Sweden, Where a Greeting, as a member of the International Olympic Committee, the state of affairs produced a report on the World celebrates Olympic Day, which was supposed to be a day to promote the Olympics and ideas. The resolution was adopted a few months later, on the occasion of the 42nd international Olympic committee session, in the Piece. It is in January 1948. The National Olympic Committee was assigned to organize the event, and they were asked to choose a date between the 17th and the 24th of June, so to celebrate the International Olympic Committee, in the case of the Sorbonne, in Paris, on June 23, 1894, in which Pierre de Coubertin to be achieved, the revival of the Olympic Games.

The First Olympic Day-By-Day

The first Olympic Day is celebrated on the 23rd of June, 1948. In this regard, the First Edström, who was then the President of the International Olympic Committee, sent a message to the youth of the world. Portugal, Greece, Germany, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, the united kingdom, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Belgium has organized an Olympic Day, to their respective countries.

The Olympic Charter's Day

As amended by the Olympic Charter, in 1978, the International Olympic Committee, for the first time, it is recommended that all NOCs organize an Olympic Day is to promote the Olympic Movement, "It is recommended that the REPORT will arrange on a regular basis (if possible, the Olympic Day is dedicated to the Olympic Movement promotion. "

The Running Of The Olympic Day

Over the past 20 years, the Olympic games day-by-Day has been held in the context of the Olympic events in the world. First, run in 1987, the drive was designed to promote the National Olympic Committees (NOCs), to celebrate the Olympics and to popularize the experience of the mass of the sport. 45 of the companies that are involved in the NOCs of the first edition in 1987, their number has increased to more than a hundred of which are involved in the NOCs.

The current concept of

Olympic Day is now turning into something more than a jog or even a sporting event. Based on three basic principles: "don't move", "to teach" and "open up", by the National Olympic Committees of Russia, Sport, Culture and Education is engaged in the business of everyone - regardless of their age, gender, social background, or athletic ability. Some countries have included this event in the school's curriculum, and, in recent years, many of the NOCs have been added, including holiday events, concerts, and exhibitions. The international Olympic committee's recent actions to respond to children and young people, professional athletes, and to the development of new websites, as the people of the guide, the program around them. It's easier than doing all you can to be a part of the Olympic games-Day basis. In recent years, the development of social media has helped a TRIAL to extend the participation in the activities of the out-of-STATE.

Each year, Olympic days, which means that the entire world will be joined in the Olympic dream.


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