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You might get this question "Why is it even laughter, a normal emotion is remembered and celebrated in a particular day" Some might find it unusual, but the reality is this. We, modern people, have forgotten to laugh or smile, which has ended us in a stressful life. 

So when was the last time you had a belly laugh? If it was recently, kudos to you, but if it is kinda rare, this article is for you because we have discussed when/why/how the world's laughter day is celebrated and the benefits of laughing.


Now first, let's jump into the world's laughter day history.

History of World Laughter day

World Laughter Day is celebrated to create awareness about laughter is a story everyone knows but did you know that this day was created by Dr. Madan Kataria from India, who started the Laughter Yoga movement in 1995. He believed that the facial feedback hypothesis, i.e., a person's facial expression, can simply have an effect on their emotions. That being said, if you laugh, it can help you have a positive effect on the person. The first celebration was done on July 28, 2008, in Mumbai, India. Now, this day is celebrated worldwide. 

When is World Laughter day celebrated?

Though this World Laughter day was started here in India, today, this day is celebrated in more than 70 countries which is fascinating. If you ask when this day falls, well, every year on the first Sunday of May is when World laughter day is celebrated, and this year, it falls on May 3. 

Also, Happy-Demic is the first event that was conducted for World Laughter day outside India. This event took place in 2000, at Town Hall Square in Copenhagen, Denmark. The best part was more than 10000 people gathered, laughed together, and it created a Guinness world record. 

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How is World Laughter Day celebrated?


So you have read about the history of this day, now let's see how this day is celebrated. 

There are many laughter clubs worldwide. This day is very special for them. So these people gather together, laugh, and spread the joy. Some people also celebrate this day by watching comedian shows or watch movies. 

Apart from these, you will notice that many people would spread the word on social media by using the hashtag, world laughter day, where they are likely to share some jokes. Some laughter clubs would conduct a small march, laughter sessions like laughing yoga practice, etc.

In India, on this day, many people carry out a peace march with placards. 

Now, some people indulge in making sounds like "HO HO" and "HAHA", which actually has a contagious effect, and people around you will start laughing. 

This year, we are aware of the prevailing COVID 19 situation; though there is no lockdown and we are freely moving around, it is highly recommended not to gather in groups. So the World Laughter Day celebration is going to be done online.

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Benefits of Laughing

Well, I think it is crucial to know about the benefits of laughing. You must have heard that a good laugh heals a lot of hurts, and yes, I would like to go with this phrase. Laughing not only reduces the tension and stress in your day-to-day life but also tends to boost your immune system. Yes, this emotion helps in bringing the positivity which we are missing in our life. 

So laughing is a universal language. Let's spread this faster than the COVID 19 and make a healthy society and celebrate this World Laughter day more meaningfully.

This year on world laughter day, let's try to raise a laugh and help people relieve their physical tension and stress.

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