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World Emoji day
Did you know that exists a day that is dedicated to celebrating the emoji which you use in social media every day? Yes, you heard it right. World Emoji day is celebrated on 17 July annually since 2014, and this day is deemed as a Global celebration of emoji. Emoji is the fastest growing language in history, and in Facebook Messenger alone, there are more than five billion emojis sent every day.

The interesting fact is that emoji day has its organizers, and they also own a website named Emojipedia. Unicode is a company that actually makes the PC code that gives you emojis; however, Emojipedia is the place you can learn precisely what every emoji means and how to utilize it. 
The vast majority of us, presumably know and use the most popular emojis, similar to the great smiley face, heart, or the grinning face with tears of giggling. Be that as it may, if you need to develop your emoji vocabulary, you can utilize Emojipedia to discover better approaches to talk emoji.
Some activities to do on the World Emoji day are 
Discuss emoji
Challenge your emoji information by having an emoji-filled message stream with your closest companion. Perceive how well you can see each other utilizing just these great symbols. Who realized you could have an entire discussion with no words? 
Wear your preferred emoji 
Make your own tweaked emoji-filled shirt or buy one through online shopping (Check out Amazon). Your preferred emoji can turn into your new most loved shirt. 
Make your own emojis. 
You can transform your preferred photographs into shareable emojis utilizing different applications and online tools. You can turn the favourite picture of your pets into an emoji.
Emoji are utilized since the start of the internet; their prominence has expanded for a huge scope with the present-day mobile phone. With them incorporated with our message dashboards, famous emoji are on sale worldwide and even an emoji film out of appreciation for them.

Some interesting facts about emoji’s are
Before Emoji, there were emoticons(emotion + icon), which was developed as an expression of emotions. Emoji is a Japanese expression that means "picture word" was created by Shigetaka Kurita in 1990. 
Jeremy Burge is the brainchild of Emoji, and he created the World Emoji Day in 2014, and since then, annually, 17 July is celebrated as World Emoji Day.
Apple iPhone released in the year 2007 had an emoji keyboard embedded in the phone to attract the Japanese market, and it was not intended for the US users. Still, the US people figured out how to use the emoji and started using it.
A significant improvement to the emoji list, which had 2,823 emojis after its 2018 update, is to make the emojis progressively diverse. 
Unicode included the vomiting emoji, where you have a choice to choose two green emoji of such kind. Or if you are feeling somewhat bleary-eyed, in that case, you can pick the confused, dizzy face.  If you wanted to discuss a clinic or an ailment, Emojipedia has additionally proposed a syringe or a pill. 
Regarding celebration emojis, the designers have made an assortment to ensure we could communicate our excitement. Regardless of whether we praise another childbirth, a commemoration, or a birthday, there's an emoji for each festival. 
In this way, if you need to send somebody a message utilizing emoji to observe World Emoji day, Emojipedia has immense to look over. So we hope that you express anything to anyone through this nonverbal language and have fun. Comment your favourite emoji in the below comment section and also share your thoughts about this article.

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