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Shibazakura Festival

Are you a nature lover? Do you want to witness a mountain fully covered with flowers? If so, then read this article to know about the Fuji Shibazakura festival held in Japan every year.

There is a flower named Shibazakura that grows densely and covers the ground like a lawn. This flower petals shape looks like that of sakura, which means cherry blossoms. The Shibazakura flower comes in a variety of colours, including different shades of light purple, pink, white, and with some petals having striped patterns.
Over 800,000 feet of colourful moss phlox form a beautiful carpet of flowers that extends from the base of Mount Fuji and creates a beautiful landscape.
The Shibazakura Festival is one of Yamanashi's most famous events and welcomes visitors from all over the country and abroad.
In addition to the flowers, how about savouring some of the region's specialities at Mt. Fuji Gourmet Festival? Some of the most famous dishes in the Mt. Fuji area, such as Fuji-Yoshida udon, Fujinomiya yakisoba,  and Koshu torimotsu, and dishes with Yamanashi's premium pork, Fujizakura pork,  and regional fruit sweets will be sold at the Festival!
Enjoy the Golden Week wound and come and enjoy the flowers, which will be at the height of flowering!
Shibazakura is a flower that grows thin, covering the floor like a rug. The shape of its petals is similar to that of sakura (cherry blossom), and its colours include shades of pink, white and purple.
In 2018, the Shibazakura Festival took place from April 14th to May 27th at Fuji Motosuko Resort, and it had more than 500000 visitors.
The Fuji Shibazakura festival site is about three kilometres from Lake Motosu within the Five Lakes area of ​​Fuji.

Visitors can enjoy an incredible contrast of pink flowers, blue skies, and mountains.
About 800,000 shibazakura are planted over a vast area of ​​2.3 hectares at the foot of Mount Fuji. Five different colours of shibazakura create colourful carpets in various designs.
During the event, a festival is also held offering various local foods and drinks.
This Festival is held for a month and a half from mid-April and the recommended viewing time is from the beginning of May.
Coinciding with this Festival, dozens of food stalls fight for attention because it hosts the Mt. Fuji Delicious Foods Festival, which celebrates a number of the best dishes available within the region.
You can try some local favourites like Koshu chicken giblet stew, Fujinomiya yakisoba, Koshu Fujizakura pork soup, and Yoshida udon is made up of horse meat. You'll also find amazing sweets, including Fujiyama taiyaki and a Hawaiian speciality called malasada. There's even a limited halal menu, including Sakura soba and hoto, a hearty noodle dish served with chunky mountain vegetables during a miso-based broth.
You will be mesmerized as you walk through fields of various pink and purple flowers, all with Mt. Fuji towering over the horizon. On a sunny day, the blue and plush green words line envelop the vast carpet of pink, purple,  and white flowers, creating a scene that's well well worth the visit.

You will feel lost in the right direction when you attend this alluring Festival of Japan. If you have any experience attending this Fuji Shibazakura festival, share it in the comment section. Also, tell us some tips and information regarding this Festival. Information is power. Cheers!!

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