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Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2021
The Jaisalmer Desert Festival is an event that happens annually in February month in the beautiful city Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. It's held three days before the complete moon in the Hindu month of Magh. 

This festival is widely known amidst the gorgeous dunes of the Thar Desert, which is 42 kilometres from Jaisalmer. Romantic and unspoiled, the location gets life during the three-day extravaganza of the desert's delights.
Many people are not aware of the history of this festival. Let's learn a little about it.  Lord Krishna, the Yadav community ruler, told Arjuna, who is one of the Pandavas, that a successor belonging from the Yadav community, will rule his kingdom on the Trikuta Hill. 
In the year 1196, the Lord Krishna's prediction came true, when a descendant of the Yadav clan, Rawal Jaiswal, established his kingdom in Jaisalmer.
When people realized that the prediction of Lord Krishna has come true, they started to celebrate it. The celebrations soon developed into a festival that's now held every year. The government started marketing the colourful festival because many international tourists started attending Desert City.

Some cool information about this festival are
The festival celebrations make the desert awaken with colour, enthusiasm, and happiness. The festival starts with a procession from the Jaisalmer Fort and ends at Shahid Poonam Singh Stadium. 
The local people dress in traditional and bright costumes and sing and dance the tragedies and accomplishments of the desert. The highlights of the festival are Gair and the fire dance. The Kalabaz or the Nat's are a gaggle of local nomads who are famous for their gymnastic acts. The Bhopa's Langhas and Manganiars create an exciting environment with their folk music recitals and ballads.
One of the best ways thing is you will explore the culture of the imperial state of Rajasthan in India, and paying a visit to the sand dunes of the golden Jaisalmer desert and attending the Jaisalmer Desert Festival will be exciting. It's a cultural extravaganza prepared specially for tourists and travelers to showcase the colourful culture of Rajasthan.
Prepare to witness amazing musical performances, fascinating competitions, unique beauty pageants, and enjoys decadent local favorites with a showcase of exquisite handicrafts that are hard to return by anywhere else in the world.
The unique camel race draws tons of attention as it is a single race that happens only in Rajasthan.
Apart from that, there are other unique contests,  like the Turban tying contest, the longest mustache contest, and a homecoming of Mr. Desert pageant to commemorate the foremost Rajasthani of men.
Currently, this festival is organized by the Rajasthan Tourism Department per annum, this festival offers unique experiences, unlike the other. It is the best opportunity for travelers to enjoy and explore the vast Thar Desert. The starlit night sky provides the right canvas to colour your dreams as you camp near the sand dunes in luxury camps on the desert, equipped with all modern amenities that give you an amazing experience.
Rajasthan is well connected by all means of transport. If you are planning to attend this festival through airways, then the nearest airport is situated at Jodhpur. There are also frequent trains available, which connect the main cities of Rajasthan. The nearby cities of Jaisalmer are Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Udaipur, and New Delhi.
You can buy exciting things at this desert festival. If you love handicrafts and handloom attires with vibrant colours, you will find a large variety in it.  This festival is also a hub for food lovers. You will find authentic Rajasthani food stalls and dhabas serving hot local foods.
Wrapping up

This is all about the colourful Jaisalmer desert festival of Rajasthan, India. We hope you found this article interesting. Cheers!!

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