EPCOT food & wine festival

EPCOT food & wine festival

Have you ever come across the Eat to the Beat concert? If not, it’s the right time to venture out for fun. This concert is not something you get to experience near the corners of your street. But this concert is a lifetime adventure that you get to live on at Walt Disney World Resort at Bay Lake, Florida.

 Are you a foodie? Then pack up your stuff for the EPCOT food & wine festival that connects millions of people every year. EPCOT – the second of the four theme parks built at Walt Disney World. It’s also referred to as a “permanent world’s fair.”
In 2018, EPCOT hosted nearly 13.444 million people, gaining the fourth rank among the most visited theme parks in North America and seventh rank among the most visited theme parks in the world. EPCOT has reached this much importance because of its innovative technology showcasing its significant efforts to promote international culture. And one such remarkable occasion is the EPCOT food and wine festival.
This festival focuses on enhancing your view of foods across the world at one common access point. This festival satisfies your endless thirst for food and tastes. I bet this is for sure, a foodie’s paradise. This paradise runs typically from late September to mid-November; however, the dates are rescheduled as per the Walt Disney decision. You can prepare the list of your preferences to encounter the world showcase of food and wine.
The year 1995 is pinned to be the birth of this fantastic festival, and it ran successfully for 30 days. And this success opened the gateway for other festivals like the International Festival of the Holidays, the Flower & Garden Festival, and the International Festival of the Arts, which celebrates the culinary arts and performing arts. 
The ‘Marketplaces’ are the heart of the festival, where a variety of wines and dishes are made available. The marketplaces are the food booths that were built by Walt Disney with the kitchen facility. This kitchen facility has helped the chefs deliver approximately as many as 4000 sheet pans of steaming foods and other stuff. This festival has attracted a huge guest strength globally and has been growing ever since.

Facts that key up the festival 
Each booth in the festival offers more than two food items and beverages. You get to relish a whole collection of wine varieties, cocktails, martinis, beers, and exclusive drinks. Different themes have been coined like the ‘Earth eats,’ which features the plant-based items. 
The next thing that triggers the entertainment is the events that hang on to wind up your time perfectly. These events dig up deep to fulfill your food, tasting dreams come true. Some of the events are as follows:
Party for the Senses: Here, the party is hosted with the delights of food and beverages from the finest chefs. The concern is not enjoying the party very cheap, rather diluting your senses with the best quality of foods and beverages with lots of entertainment.
Interactive cooking platforms: The fun of cooking alongside the master chefs is not so easy. But you get this wonderful chance to cook in the event Mix it, make it, Celebrate it! This interactive session normally runs for 75 minutes.
Speciality Dining and Pairings: This festival no doubt offers you a series of multi-course, prix-fixe meals at many of its restaurants. This special dining requires reservations in advance as most of the food and beverages sold out. After reservations, the sittings for each meal proceed further.
Celebrity Chefs: This part of the festival travels with the chef. The event mainly holds sharing Sunday brunch with the chef and learning the know-how of how-to expertise in food making.
Further, some kid-friendly events and bands perform three times a day, seminars, demonstrations, and lots of fun.

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Wrapping Up

The loveliest feel that can be complete is trying out a visit to Walt Disney World. And apart from that, the EPCOT food and wine festival gives the eternal touch for food lovers, heaven on earth, to enlighten the food thirst within each of us.

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EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

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