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Burning Man Festival
If you love art and want to spend a week celebrating it, then you must attend the burning man festival in the US. Read this article to learn more about the festival and we have given some amazing facts about this festival.
The Burning  Man Festival is held annually since 1986. According to history, two men Larry Harvey and Jerry James burned a scarecrow on a beach in San Francisco. The festival later moved to the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. The event starts on Sunday night to the last Monday of August and lasts precisely eight days.
The festival was conceived to bring together people living in the style of radical self-expression, but it resembles the animated scenery of the film Mad Max. Hundreds of mutant people, iron animals, and incredible cars - in the middle of the desert, and works of contemporary art of different forms are being established. 
Some cool facts about this Burning Man festival.
Participants in the first Burning Man were a group of twenty like-minded people. Now about 75 thousand people attend the festival annually.
There are many celebrities among the Burning Man fans: from Susan Sarandon To Victoria's Secret models Sarah Sampaio and Alessandra Ambrosio. Last year, Elena Perminova and Alexander Lebedev became participants in the festival.
There are three ways to join Burning Man: to volunteer, present an art object at the festival, or become a theme camp member by registering in advance. The number of participants in one camp totals from 6 to 400 people.

Each year, dozens of contemporary artists become participants in Burning Man. Among the most striking works of the past years are the 17-meter sculpture of Truth is Beauty by American artist Marco Cochran; wooden temple The Temple of Transition; Brain Child by Michael Christian; 
Other best works include The Rabid Transit steam-punk car by American sculptor-kinetist Duinoa Flatmo; steel sculpture of a dancing woman Bliss Dance, A fancy sculpture of two trucks welded together, Big Rig Jig.
The Burning man does not like the audience, or rather, they simply are not allowed. Everyone who comes automatically becomes a Burner, that is, a participant. The duties of an ordinary Burner are to express oneself and help others in this actively. Installation, absurd performances, and any fun, but always unusual, are welcome here.
The Burning Man venue is a desert, however, under the feet of the participants is not sand, but the alkaline remains of the bottom of a dried lake. Fine dust, lighter and finer than ordinary sand, clogs and settles everywhere - whether it be clothes, tents, cars or even eyelashes.
At the Burning Man festival, there is a public bath, where you can wash off the dirt. However, in order to gain access to it, one must go through a ritual initiation - to become a washer a kind of helper and you must clean a dozen people with soap and water.
There is no way to buy anything on Burning Man except ice and coffee. A zone operates on the economy of gifts, all items here - food, drinks or even clothes - are usually exchanged. Larry Harvey, one of the founders of the festival,  "Burning Man is a family picnic. You will not sell something to your own, you just share it." Just imagine, you don’t have to think about money and carry a wallet with you for a whole week!
Wrapping Up

You might have never heard about a crazy, fun-filled festival like the BurningMan festival. Though the ticket price is a little pricey, it is definitely worth attending this festival. We hope you find this article interesting and informative. Share your experience if you have been to this festival in the comment section. Cheers!!

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