Songkran Festival - 13th April 2021 to 15th April 2021

Songkran Festival

Do you like to visit Thailand? If so, read this article to know when to visit this country and why. We guarantee it will be intriguing.

Thailand is known for its world-famous travel destinations, and one of the best times to visit this country is during the Songkran festival which is celebrated here. This festival is also known as Traditional Thai New Year and it is usually celebrated in mid-April. This festival is also one that is celebrated in the grandest manner in Thailand.

The word Songkran is derived from Sanskrit which means, to move or pass into. If you visit this period during the festival you will enjoy the fun-filled activities conducted here. And in general, the celebration of this festival lasts from 3 to 10 days depending on the area in Thailand.

This festival is a celebration of the New Year for the Thai people by the solar calendar. As mentioned earlier, this festival is celebrated for three days, where 13 April is called Maha Songkran, On this day the run moves into the Aries on the Zodiac or the last day of the old year. 

On April 14, the transitional day between the old and new years and this day is called Wan Nao and finally the third day, April 15 is called Wan Thaloeng Sok which is New year's day. However, the dates have changed many times in history.
Traditions of Songkran festival.

During this festival, the people gather together and meet their elders to pay gratitude, pour scented water into the hands of the elders as part of the sacred ritual, and also buy them new clothes.

The first day of the festivals begins with rich traditions. In the morning, people visit local temples and offer food to the Buddhist monks. People also pour Thai fragrance mixed water on the Buddha images. 

There is also a bathing ritual that takes place where people pour water on the senior Buddhist monks and believe that this process would bring them good luck. After this ritual, the monks gather together and give a sermon and bless all those who attend this bathing ritual.
In some places in Thailand, the Buddha images are paraded from one street to another and Thai people shower them with water. To avoid bad luck the Thai people clean their houses completely a day before the celebration. 

Many activities take place as a mark of celebration of this festival, some of them are releasing birds and fishes into the river, presenting gifts for the Buddhist monks, merrymaking, listening to sermons, building sand pagodas and the best part comes here, splashing of water. People believe that this brings longevity, prosperity, and good health.

The water splashing is the best part of this festival. When people splash water on each other, they believe that this will cause a lot of rainfall in the coming year and also trust that water is used to cleanse themselves from bad things, which is also a symbol of fertility.

People across many cities splash water with a word of blessings on each other, Young people use pump-action guns and buckets to soak themselves with water. That is why this water festival is the most loved event in Thailand.

Other fun-filled activities include carnivals, beauty contests, and parades. Several traditional Thai foods are served during the festivals and it promises a lot of refreshment and fun during the festival. And that is why the Songkran festival is the best known among other festivals.

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Final words

This was all about the Songkran festival. If you are a person who is little obsessed with travel, then Thailand is one of the countries which should be there in your bucket list and the best time to visit this country is during the Songkran festival. Also, if anyone has been to this festival, tell us your experience of attending this amazing festival in the comment section.

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