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Parents Day

Parents are the most important people in most people's lives, it is because they are the ones who bought you to this world, cared, nurtured, and bought up. They have cared for everything regarding your life and made numerous sacrifices and effort to bring you up.

We don't realize their value unless and until we lose them or become parents. So to appreciate the effort, love, and care of the parent's shower on their children the national parent’s day is celebrated.

History of Parents Day

Let’s see what history says about the parent’s day. Parent’s day is celebrated in different countries but the date differs. 

The parent’s day was first officially announced in the year 1973 and celebrated in South Korea on May 8. South Korea initially observed Mother's day on May 8 and it replaced it with parent’s day. This special day includes both public and private celebrations in South Korea.

In the US, parents' day is observed every year on the fourth Sunday of July. The parent’s day ie. the fourth of July was officially declared by President Bill Clinton in 1994. This day is celebrated to remember the effort taken, support, and upliftment the parents provide for their children. So the parent’s day is widely celebrated throughout the US on this day.
In the Philippines, though it is not strictly followed or celebrated, the parent’s days is observed in the first month of December. In 1921, the first Monday of December was declared as Mother's day. Then again in 1937 when there was a change in the government, the first Monday of December was changed from mother’s day to parent’s day. In this country, both father’s day and mother’s day are observed on the same day so it is called parent’s day.

United Nations has proclaimed June 1 has the global day of parents as a mark of appreciation for the parent's commitment towards their children. So international parent’s day is celebrated on June 1 and it is the same day where the International children's day is also celebrated by the UN.

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How the parent's day is celebrated?

In the US, there is no public holiday for the Parents day but it is observed nationally. This means all the government and private organizations and businesses will run as usual. However, children celebrate this day especially with their parents as a sign of respect and love towards them.

In other countries also, there is no public holiday for parents day, but each one has its way of celebrating the parent's day following their traditions and customs they follow.

How to celebrate Parent's day?
Is there any better way to celebrate parents day than spending time with your parents? The answer is no when we were children we depend on our parents but when we grew up and stand on our own and be independent we don't spend any time with them. So at least on the parent's day, we should spend time with our parents.

Some ideas to celebrate parent's day in a better way is 

Give your parents a thoughtful gift

Everyone loves gifts. Buying some stuff and gifting people is very easy but buying a meaningful gift is something challenging. You must know what your parents like and must analyze whether the gift which you buy is useful for them or not. You can also prepare a gift on your own and present them. 

Write a letter

Communicating with a letter or greeting card always means you care extra. Write how grateful you are for the support, love, and care your parents have showered on you and make them feel special on their special day.

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Plan a special dinner or outing 

On this special day take your parents to your favourite family place or to a different place where you as a family have never been before and celebrate there.

So this is all about the parents' day. We hope you loved this article and also share what you did for your parents on their special day in the comment section. Stay happy!!

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