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Olympic Day

Even if you are not a sports person whenever the Olympic games are conducted you might wonder about which position your country is and how many medals your country has bagged. Yes, Olympic games are indeed interesting and Athletes do have a craze for Olympics, and athletes all over the world just practice like hell to deliver their best performance in the Olympics.   

The Olympic is also called Olympian Games which is a leading international sports event that features summer and winter sports competitions where thousands of athletes participate across the world.

The Olympic games are mainly based on three pillars, they are move, learn, and discover.

The pillars try to convey the message about the importance of sports and several sports organizations are promoting the benefits of physical exercise by inspiring people to actively participate in sports and thus it will help them discover more about sports activities and embrace the Olympic ideals despite the background.

As most of you are aware, the Olympic games are conducted once every four years. Till now the Olympic Games have been hosted by more than 23 different countries. There are a total 28 different sports present in the Summer Olympics and the national Olympic committee is planning to add five additional sports in the upcoming summer Olympics of 2021.

History of the Olympic games

The Olympic Games first took place in the 8th century BC which is moreover 3000 years old ago in Olympia, Greece. The Greece people had a tradition of sending their athletes to participate in many games and they also conducted many games. 
Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who was inspired by the ancient Olympic games founded the international Olympic committee(IOC) and conducted the first modern 

Olympic games, which was held in 1896. The modern Olympic games were held in 1894 after reconstructing the old Olympic games. So to remember and celebrate the birth of modern Olympic games 23rd June in 1984 in Paris, the international Olympic games are conducted every year on this day to encourage active participation in sport across the globe irrespective of age, gender, and athletic ability.

Women were allowed to compete in the Olympics only since 1900. The winter and summer Olympics have taken place on the same dates from 1924 to 1992. But after that, the dates were changed.

The Olympic day was first celebrated on June 23 in 1948 and some countries like Greece, Canada, Great Britain, Austria, Portugal, Venezuela, Switzerland, Belgium, and Uruguay organized the Olympic day in their respective countries.

On this Olympic day, National Olympic Committees conduct many sports, cultural and educational activities where many people both young and old actively participate in it and this is done to create awareness among people. 

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Olympic Day Run

The Olympic Day Run is an international activity which is conducted by the National Olympic Committees to promote mass participation in sports and in this activity many people participate in the running sport.

This Olympic Day Run has been conducted for over 20 years continuously and it is associated with the Olympic day. It was first launched in 1987 mainly to promote the Olympic sport. Initially, there were only 45 NOC's were participating and the number has grown large today.

National Olympic Committee generally hosts many special activities, events, and festivals to ensure that the positive values of the Olympic Movement such as excellence, respect, and friendship are promoted.

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Wrapping Up:

This was all about the Olympic day and why it is celebrated. We hope you found this article interesting and if you like this article give us a big fat thumbs up and also comment about your favourite athletes in the comment section.

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