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Music Day

Imagine a world without music? Sounds like a horror right? Yes, Music plays a significant role in today’s world. When the music is ON, the world with whatever stress, anxiety, the tension goes OFF. So to celebrate the musicians and amateurs who create music and to promote the importance of Music and the positive impact it has created throughout many people's lives, the World music day is celebrated on June 21.

The International Music Day or the World's Music day is celebrated annually on June 21. You might have heard about this date recently, Yes, the world Yoga day is also celebrated on the same day. The World Yoga day was declared in 2015 and the World Music day has been celebrated for more than three decades.

History of Music day

The music day was first celebrated in France and it was called Fete de la Musique which means Music day. It is an annual music celebration which takes place on June 21. This day was introduced by Jack Lang, Minister of Culture of France and it was widely celebrated in Paris in 1982. 

In a study based on the Cultural habits of France, conducted in France in 1982, Jack realized that more than 5 million people played a musical instrument where one young person out of two were playing a musical instrument. He wanted to bring these people out on the streets and play music.

 So he encouraged the people to play music on the street and celebrate. This took place first in 1982 in Paris in the name of Fete de la Musique. Today this festival has become an international sensation and it is celebrated in more than 700 cities in 120 countries.

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What is the purpose of celebrating Music day?

This music day or music festival is celebrated to promote music. It is usually done in two ways.

The professional musicians and Amateur are urged to perform in the streets under the slogan "Faites de la musique which is a homophone of Fete de la musique. On this day, many concerts are organized for free and it makes all genres of music accessible to the public on that day.

People are urged to play music outside their houses ie. in their neighbourhoods or in public places celebrating Music day.

Did you know that on World Music day many free concerts are organized for the people? Fascinating right? Yes, international Music Day is free to celebrate and many musicians and music schools and organizations celebrate this day by organizing free concerts for people. So this day is perfect for you if you want to listen or play music from a new instrument and have fun.

One of the best ways to celebrate World Music Day is to contribute something for the Music world, it can be either donating or attending concerts. You can also encourage budding musicians. You can listen to your old favourites, especially on this day. You can also start exploring the different genres of music on the internet and get to know how big and influential this industry is growing.

Some of the benefits of listening to music are. If you are in a bad mood or having a tough day, you can just listen to one of your favourite music and it will definitely help in improving your energy and mood. It also has health benefits like it reduces stress and anxiety.

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Wrapping Up

This was all about the world music day and the history of celebrating this day. If you are a person who loves music why not just embrace and celebrate music on its special day!! 

Music Day Images HD

Music Day Images

World Music Day Images

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World Music Day Images HD

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Music Day Wishes Images

International Music Day 2021

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