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La Tomatina festival

How many of you love tomatoes? Do you like to swim in a tomato pool? Sounds crazy right? Yes, if you wish to swim in a pool of tomato then go to Spain and attend the La Tomatina festival which is held on the last Wednesday of August. This is the world’s biggest food fight festival and more than one hundred metric tons of over-ripe tomatoes are used for the festival.


When some young people took part in Giants and Big-Heads figures parade and one of the participant's big-head falloff triggered anger among the group of men. They started throwing and hitting everything they found on their way. There was a vegetable market on their way and people started throwing tomatoes at each other until the local police interfered and ended the fruit battle. >

The following year, some people pre-planned quarrels, and they brought tomatoes from their house. Though the local police stopped this quarrel from happening, it began as a yearly tradition. This group of young boys made it a tradition for thousands of people and people started following it seriously.

This festival was banned in the early 1950s and the participants were attested but the people started protesting to conduct the festival. So the festival was again followed and it saw more people participating with passion. This festival was canceled again till 1957.

As a sign of opposition, people carried a coffin filled with tomatoes and buried them. The parade was also accompanied by a music band and it played funeral marches. This protest was successful and the government permitted to conduct this festival again.

As a result, this festival becomes famous all over Spain and the number of participants increased every year. In 2002, the La Tomatina festival was declared as the festivity of International Tourist Interest by the Secretary Department of Tourism in Spain due to its success.

Some facts about this La Tomatina festival:

It is estimated that around 40,000 people come to Bunol, Spain to attend this festival every year. 
This tomato fight lasts for one hour and around 1,50,000 tomatoes are used for this festival. The tomatoes which are used for this festival are of low-quality, inferior in taste and it comes at a cheap price from a place called Extremadura. This fight turns out to be a fun activity where both men and women take part.

Once this tomato fight gets over, the fire-fighters wash the streets which are filled with tomato debris and also people use hoses to clean the places. Once the place is cleaned, the village streets look clean and shiny and this is because tomatoes are acting as a disinfectant.  

Since 2013, Spain has introduced official ticketing for this festival and only 20,000 participants can take part in it.>

A truck filled with tomatoes arrive at the center of town, Plaza del Pueblo at around 11 am and this festival does not start unless one soul climbs to the truck and reach the top of the two-storey high truck. 

The signal for beginning the tomato fight is the firing of water cannons and then the fight begins.

Rules of La Tomatina festival

You are not allowed to bring bottles or any hard objects. Do not rip or tear other people's dress. You need to squash the tomato before throwing it on to someone so that it causes less impact. Also, ensure that you keep a safe distance from the lorries which carry tomatoes. And most importantly, stop the tomato fight once you hear the second shot.

Some free advice for you if you are going there

If you want to take pictures, then bring a waterproof camera.

Look for safe and secure accommodation if you are from Bunol.

Try to wear closed shoes which you can dispose of after using it. If you wear flip-flops, chances are there that you get hurt.

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Final Words:

This was all about the La Tomatina festival which is held every year. Actually, Spain is known for celebrating some crazy festivals and this one is not a surprise. If you are planning to attend this festival, don’t forget to get the ticket for this festival.

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