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Bonnaroo Music Festival

The Bonnaroo Music Festival is an American annual four-day music festival developed and produced in the year 2002 by Superfly Presents and AC Entertainment. Since then, it is held at Great Stage Park in Manchester, Tennessee in a 700-acre farm.

This festival typically starts on the second Thursday in June and lasts four days. 
The main attractions of this festival are the usage of multiple stages that feature live music with a diverse array of musical styles. This includes classic rock, indie rock, world music,  jazz, hip hop, Americana, gospel, bluegrass, country and western, folk, electronic, reggae, pop, and other alternative music. 
This festival begins on Wednesday evening for early arrivers, and it is continued throughout the festival with performances starting every day around noon. A few stages are entertaining festival-goers until sunrise. People from all the 50 states of the US and over 28 countries attend this world-famous music festival.

Bonnaroo was founded and established by Ashley Capps of AC Entertainment, Rick Farman for festival operations, Kerry Black for graphic design, Richard Goodstone for marketing, and Jonathan Mayers for programming of Superfly Productions.
The first Bonnaroo Music Festival happened in 2002. The founders chose "Bonnaroo" for its literal meaning and Bonnaroo was popularized by R&B singer Dr. John of New Orleans together with his 1974 album Desitively Bonnaroo. Bonnaroo is derived from a French word "bonne," meaning "good," and therefore the French "rue," meaning "street," so overall translating to "the best on the streets."
What do you do in Bonnaroo Music Festival?
There are a lot more things that happen at the Bonnaroo festival than live music. Throughout the entire week, there will be plenty of other activities to participate in, like morning yoga sessions, parades, and small events for kids.

Yoga-Roo: You can align your mind, soul, and body by participating in several yoga sessions across the farm.  All the Yoga classes are free, and it is open to yogis of all levels. You don't need a Yoga mat as the surface has soft grass. 
Parades: Parades are exciting. Marching to the drum beats and getting dressed up in fancy and spinning an umbrella is something you will always enjoy doing at Bonnaroo.
Soberoo: It is a group of passionate music lovers who remain clean and sober at Bonnaroo. Fans seeking a substance-free 'Roo can participate in multiple daily meetings at the Soberoo booth in Centeroo.
Kidz Jam: This is mainly conducted for Kids. This inspires a love of culture, music, and creativity while providing a haven for children. There are interactive games, challenges,  performances,  sports, and heaps of recycling art projects. 
Children can relax and play music throughout the day with instruments provided for the children.
Official Venues:
The official venues situated at Bonnaroo regularly change from year to year. Some of the more permanent places are
Centeroo: Two main entrances serve the central area of Bonnaroo; it encloses nearly all of the festival activity. While Centeroo is open 24 hours each day, musical artists generally only play from noon until the evening.
What Stage: This is the largest stage of the festival, and it is open from noon until midnight and sometimes late-night sets usually over by 3 am.
Which Stage: This is the second stage, which generally features the last performance before that of the headlining act each night. 
This Tent which Tent: These tents function a combined tertiary tier for musical performances. Late-night shows also generally occur altogether at three of those venues, alongside the yearly Superjam, a one-off combination of varied musicians working at the festival.
The Other: This is the third smaller stage hosts many of the event's EDM acts and sometimes runs into the late hours of the night. 
Who Stage and New Music On Tap: This stage have smaller viewing areas and have many lesser-known acts playing the event throughout the weekend.
There are different small tents and stages are also used for multiple performances, like the Lunar Stage, Solar Stage, and the Cinema tent. There also are multiple performances in areas throughout the campgrounds.
Wrapping up:
So this was all about Bonnaroo Music Festival. I hope you find it useful. Share your experience if you have been to this amazing music festival.

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