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International Women’s Day
International women’s day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year. It is a focus of attention in the movement for women’s rights. It was the first time when the Socialist Party of America arranged women’s day on 28th February 1909 in New York City.

Women’s day has now been celebrated over a century. The first international women’s day gathering was held in the year 1911. In the year 1917 when the women in Soviet Russia gained an enfranchisement, March 8 became a national holiday there.

The United nation, Started celebrating women’s day in 1975. But still, in some areas, it is a day of protest but apart from that, it is a celebration of womanhood all over the world. We can also say that it is a day of celebrating the social, economical and political achievements of women. 

History of International Women day
In the year 1910, an international socialist women’s conference was organized in Copenhagen, Denmark by socialist party. Luise Zietz, a German socialist who was inspired by American socialist was the first to proposed the establishment of an annual Women's Day and was seconded by fellow socialist and later communist leader Clara Zetkin, supported by socialist activist Kate Duncker, although no date was specified at that conference.

During the celebration of first women, day Women demanded that they are given the right to vote. They also protested against employment and sex discrimination. But the Americans still celebrate the women day on last the Sunday in February.

But in the year 1914 international Women's Day was held on March 8 in Germany, maybe because that day was a Sunday, and from that day onwards it is always celebrated on 8th of March in all countries as it was dedicated to women's right to vote, in Germany. 

Year-wise Celebration 
1913-1914 - Just before world war 1 campaigning for peace the Russian women observed the first international women’s day on the last Sunday of February in the year of 1913. Thus after a year in 1914, the women in Europe organize many rallies in against the world war to express women's solidarity.

1975 - In the year 1975 International women’s day was celebrated for the first time by the United Nations in 1975. And later in the year 1977, the united nation general assembly take a resolution which signifies the United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace to be observed on any day of the year by the Member States

2011 - The 100th year of international women’s day was sawed in 2011 exactly 100 years ago the celebration of women’s day started in 1911. The president of the United States of America proclaimed March 2011 to be "Women's History Month".

2021 and beyond - The world has witnessed a significant change and the mindset has shifted in both women's and society's thoughts about women's equality and liberation.This year the Prime Minister of India had decided to give away his social media accounts to women whose life & work inspire all the men’s.

Celebration in India 
India celebrates Sarojini Naidu birthday as national women’s day of India on 13th of February every year because she was the first women governer and also known as Bharat kokila apart from this international women’s day is celebrated in India on a large scale by various organization and govt which is truly significant.

When we talk about this day we really need to think it from the grassroots level of celebration. The ministry of women and child development of India announced the setting up of four more one-stop crisis centers on March 8. 

The purple colour is the symbol of women but in the past, the combination of purple, green and white was used to symbolise women's equality as all of these colours signifies some meaning, for example, purple signifies justice and dignity the green colour signifies hope and the white colour signifies purity as it is originated from the women’s social and political Union in the UK. 

International Women's Day is a recognition of women unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action as it was celebrated over a century.

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