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India is country where you can find diversity of religions. People celebrate festival and rituals of each other culture and religion. You can see many Hindus and Muslims participating in joy of tradition and cultural. Muharram is first month and is followed as very sacred months of year in Islamic calendar, Ramadan is second holy month.

Muharram falls each year on different dates, it is recorded as per lunar calendar of Islam. This year Muharram will start on Tuesday, 11 September 2018 and will be followed for 29 days ending on 9th October, 2018.

The word ‘Muharram” signifies “forbidden”. Muharram is observed by Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims, although their reasons are different. As per the Noble Prophet it is considered as holier fast made in month of Muharram. There is no compulsion for fasting but it is believed the person fasting in this month will receive great reward from their Almighty.

The tenth day of Muharram has special importance throughout the month. It is mentioned in Hadith that Musa and his community achieved victory over Egyptian Pharaoh on the tenth day of month Muharram. While breaking fast on this special day Muslims cook sweet rice and share among their family and friends.

Shia Muslims restrict themselves from celebration or any such events as the mourn for the death of Imam Hussein and his family. Iman Hussain ali was considered to be third Imam of the Shia community. The grandson of prophet Muhammad was killed on this day by the army of Caliph Yazid about 680 A.D.

They pay tribute to Hussein ibn Ali who was martyred in Battle of Karbala, by mourning throughout month. Shias reads Ziyarat Ashura every day and they send tributes to Hussein ibn Ali. Sunni Muslims fast throughout this holy month and follow rituals.  

In India and Pakistan, there is huge procession organized by community with Tazia paying tribute to Hazrat Inman husain and other 72 who were involved in battle of Karbala. There are some Muslims hit themselves with the chain attached with knives during procession.

Shia Muslims cut their bodies covered with mud and there are bonfires are lit on the streets.  Muslims wear black colour cloth to show mourning and visit mosques and shrines. In Iran people hit their chest which symbolizes mourning.

Various hadiths and verses of Qurans highlights the importance of month of Muharram. It is narrated in hadiths by Prophet Muhammad that out of four sacred months Muharram is the holier and carries great significance. The fasting on this month proves the reward greater compared to good deeds done in normal days.

Imam Hussain death is highlighted as symbol of struggle against injustice and tyranny. Ashura is day that Moses along with his followers were rescued from Pharaoh by God creating path within the Red Sea.

There is some misconception related with Muharram day. It is a day when Adam was created, this day Allah accepted the repentance of Adam. It is falsely believed that whoever baths will never fall ill. Also one the biggest misconception is Musa fasted on 10th Muharram for saving him and also his nation.

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