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Lord Mahavir is supposed to be the 24th and the last of the Tirthankaras according to the religion of Jainism. It is said that he was born in the year 599 BC on the full moon day in the month of April. In 2021 it is going to be celebrated on 25th of April, 2021.

It is believed that the Tirthankaras are the human being. They are supposed to have attained the stage of enlightenment and that they attain by process of realizing the own self and that which is followed by rigorous meditation. The Tirthankaras are also known as Jinas or Arihants.

The History of Mahavir Jayanti:

Mahavir Jayanti is also known as the Mahavir Janma Kalyanak and this is considered to be the most important religious festivals of the Jains. This is celebrated to demarcate the birth of the 24th or the last Tirthankaras. According to the Gregorian calendar it comes either in the month of March and April. 

It is said that Mahabir was born in the dynasty of the Ikshvaku, and born out of King Siddhartha and Queen Trishala. The story about the birth of Mahabir is quite an awe-inspiring one. It is believed that the mother of Mahabir, Queen Trishala got many propitious dreams and all of them were to indicate the coming of the birth of a part of enchanted soul. Though there is difference of opinion by the two sects of Jainism, the Digamvaras and the Svetambaras.

The sole importance of Mahabir Jayanti is related to the birth of a chile whoc could either be a Tirthankara or a Chakravartin. However, the mother of Mahavir was born and it is also said that Lord-Indra was there to greet him and Lord Indra bathed the baby boy with the celestial milk and this ritual made him as the Tirthankara.

How do people celebrate Mahavir Jayanti?

Mahabir Jayanti is considered to be a part of the most pious of the Jain festivals since it is Mahavira was born on that day and the followers make an idol of Mahabir and carry out procession of a carriage chanting the holy rhymes. The idol is given a holy bath and this is termed as the Abhisheka. 

Throughout the day the Jain followers take an active part in some of charitable works and various monks expresses their feelings and what they feel about the Lord Mahavira. The preaching by the monks primarily speaks of how a person should lead a healthy and soulful life. They also give donations on this auspicious day. 
They restrict the people to kill innocent animals. The whole of India celebrate this very day. The temples are decorated well. It is seen that the preaching of not killing the innocent animals on that that day as the Lord did not want any killing or bloodshed. 

To mark the Mahavir Jayanti several dishes are cooked:

Mahavir Jayanti being the main festival of the Jain stay prepares some good and tasty foods which does not include various vegetables like that of brinjals, potatoes, ginger and few other vaegetables also. They do not even include the use of onions and garlic. So the Jains do not include the various vegetables on that day. The perfect Jain recipes which make the body cool and believe the mentioned vegetables make the temperature of the body warm.
The recipes which they make include the Dahi Vada which includes ball of lentils along with the spice with Yogurt. The Khatta Mag which includes the green Mung Beans with the delicious buttermilk curries. Jeera Rice is also prepared which includes Cumin with rice with ghee as the base to prepare them. 
They also make Methi Matar Pulao which requires a lot of Fenugreek Leaf along with green pea rice. The other favorite dish by all includes the Lachha Paratha which includes layered flat bread or atta as it is known as. Kalakand which is a sweet dish is also made which a favorite of all. Gulab Phirni which is like a pudding with the flavor of rose is also served on the day.

What are the other Stories associated with Mahavir Jayanti?

There are lot many stories which are related to the Mahavir Jayanti. It is heard that Lord Mahavir once met with the king Prasenjit and it is depicted that the incidents of the life of the Lord. It is heard that huge amount of men and women used to visit Mahavir to listen to what he has to say. King Prasenjit came to him once along with many followers and attendants. 
The moment he approached the Lord the king was surprised to find that the Lord had a halo around his head. It was also seen that his body emitted some kind of glow to the surprise of the king. The tranquility of the face of the Lord Mahavir left the King dumbfounds.  

King Prasenjit asked the Lord that he has everything, right from the riches to all the earthly belongings yet he is not happy and contemplated. He even asked him how he could attain the peace of mind along with the happiness that he was still searching. The emptiness that surrounded him is what he wanted to get rid of. 
He was ready to spend any thing out of his riches. Mahavir smiled and said that in order to attain the Samadhi all that is need is come out of the riches and never look back of what he has. He has to stay as the poor’s live like. He has to come out of the feeling of Aham. That is the only way to get the peace of mind and attain what he was looking for.
At this the Kind bowed and went away to his kingdom. He looked for a broken hut and gave the poor man loads of gold and silver along all the riches that he had. Then he asked the poor man to give him the Samadhi what the King was looking for. 
The poor man then said that to attain what he was searching he has to meditate since this cannot be attained by all the riches of the world. It was then the King understood that peace cannot be bought with gold and other riches and finally took refuge of Lord Mahavir by becoming his disciple.

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