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Janmasthami is referred to the celebration of the birthday of Lord Krishna. He is considered to be born around 5000 years ago in Mathura. As per the Hindu calendar, this day falls in the month of Bhadrapada, as per the Gregorian calendar, it is usually remarked in August or September. 

Janmashtami this year will be on 11 August 2020. Krishna is mostly remembered in his infant and toddler form. Krishna is the eighth incarnations of Lord Vishnu. This festival is celebrated with enthusiasm and devotion by Hindus all over the world.

Krishna Janmashtami is also known as Gokulastami celebrated the annual Hindu festival as the birth of lord Krishna. He was the son of Devaki and Vasudeva born in Mathura on the eighth day of Shraavana month. Krishna's birth was a threat to life as his uncle Kamsa was his enemy who wanted to kill all the children of his sister Devaki, just as they were born. 

As per Hindu Mythology, every God takes avatar in this world due to some reason. Krishna motto was to kill the evilness and show people the righteous path towards religion. Krishna killed his uncle Kamsa at a very young age.

On the day of Janamasthmi people fast, sing prayers, prepare special meals and visit Krishna temples in the country. Krishna was born in midnight when everyone was almost asleep, so people follow this ritual and celebrate his birthday in midnight about 1 am. 

ISCKON is one the famous Krishna temple which has spread its roots worldwide. They decorate Krishna idols with designer clothes and ornaments. The temple is decorated with balloons, flowers, garlands, etc. They celebrate birthday of Krishna by placing the idol of baby Krishna in small swing signifying the birth of Krishna. Throughout India you can see different regions celebrating Krishna Janamasthmi or Gokul Asthami in vivid and joyful way. 

In Maharashtra they celebrate by organizing Dahi Handi event calling people of all age to join. Dahi Handi is event where pots of yogurt are hung on the rope at a certain height, team of youths climb over one another making a bridge to reach the pot hung above. This event is organized by many societies and even money are kept as prize for those group who break the pots in minimum time. Beyond Maharastra Dahi Handi is celebrated in other parts of India also. 

People celebrate this festival with great devotion by performing dance, chants, singing and even procession is taken out. There is group of people following the chariot where Krishna is seated, decorated with garlands and ornaments. There is also Ras lila held and many plays which shows life events of Krishna. Jammu has special attractions, they fly kites from their terrace as part of Janmasthami celebration.

To enjoy this enriching vibrant festival followed with devotion, you must visit some places in India. Mathura is birth place of Lord Krishna, where you can see celebration with great zest. There are some famous temples in Mathura like Bankey Bihari, Dwarkadish, Krishna Janmabhoomi Mandir which carries special attractions. 

Vrindavan is a place where Krishna grew up and even Raas Leela with Radha and gopis also have its origination with this city. There are more than 4000 temples in Vrindavan but ones you should not miss are Ranganathji and Radhraman Temple. Gokul, Mumbai and Dwarka also hold special places as they are related with Krishna life.

Krishna is considered as god of love because of his immortal love with Radha. Some people puts their emotion in Krishna as their child. Different people have different emotions towards God. India is country where people blend their feelings with god in different forms.

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