Eid e Milad History Images Wishes Wallpapers in 2020

The celebration of any festival holds a special place in our history. We have gained all this with sacrifice due to many freedom fighters or religious fighters. We did not get our culture easily, there were many fighters who fought for it in order to gain respect and honour for our religion. Therefore there are some days marked in their remembrance and celebrated.

Id-e-Milad is a day when birth of Prophet Mohammad is considered. Born in city of Mecca situated in Saudi Arabia in 570 CE, he made great contribution by spreading teach and preaching of Islam religion. There are some people celebrate Milad-un Nabi as birth of prophet Mohammad while some remark that last Prophet died on this day and they mourn.

Eid e Milad is celebrated in month Rabi-ul-Awal as per Islamic calendar based on lunar calendar. Sunni Muslims, followers of Islamic Prophet Muhammad, believed the celebration of Eid-e-Milad on the twelfth day of Rabi’aw-awwal month. While Shia Muslims believed this day on the seventeenth of same month. This day will begin in the evening of 20 November, 2018 and ends in the evening of 21 November, 2018. This day is recorded as national bank holiday and holiday is some parts of world.

People celebrated Eid-e-Mild-un-Nabi by night long prayers by reciting holy Quran and Darood Sharif and Bayaans. Mostly in countries processions on streets, marches and parades are being held. There are meeting meals organized in mosques on this occasion. There are stories and poems narrated about the life of Mohammad, including his deeds and teachings about religion. People carry green flags or ribbons in procession or parade symbolizing green colour as Islam and paradise. There is activities and celebration programs for children too.

The mosques are decorated with lights and prayers are offered by thousands of Muslims. There is charity done by distribution food to needy. Honey has been given importance and is distributed frequently between the people. Honey was favourite sweet of Prophet Muhammad.

There are Muslims who participate with Barah Wafat, festival where people mourns on the death of their Prophet Muhammad. There is special ‘sandal rite’ attraction done. It is held on the significant footprints of Prophet Muahmmad which are engraved in the stone. There is a horse (buraq) kept near the footprints of Prophet as it is considered that on horse the Prophet was gone to heaven. The footprints are rubbed on with sandal paste.

In India Muslims remember the life and deeds of their Prophet Muhammad by writing poetry, essay, creating paintings and sculpture. Muslims are fond of food special dishes are made like Biryani, curries and types of sweets, this is exchanged when meeting and greeting loved ones.

This festival is celebrated in most Islamic countries where Muslim community is situated like India, United Kingdom, Russia, Sri Lank, Nigeria and Canada. Qatar and Saudi Arabia does not remark an official holiday and its forbidden. The motivation of this festival is to remember and express love for their Prophet Muhammad.

In Pakistan there was 31-gun salutation given and religious hymns was sung on this day.
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