World Sacred Spirit Festival 2021 February 13-16 | History | Download Photos, Images & quotes

Music undoubtedly is the purest form of enjoyment. Nothing can replace the enthrallment and joy of attending the live music concert. There are many national, and international music fest secluded throughout the year. If you haven’t witnessed any of these music fests yet, you haven’t enjoyed anything till now. Rajasthani music has its place in offering soulful music to the world. One of the notable music fests of Rajasthan comprises World Sacred Spirit Festival.

Introduction of Information about World Sacred Spirit Festival

Celebrity singer will assemble under one roof as the World Sacred Spirit Festival will hit this year. The imagination of listening some of greatest artists of all time in a fort standing between the breath-taking landscape of desert is mesmerizing. And what if the fort where it will come about is one of the most beautifully acknowledged forts of Rajasthan. The World Sacred Spirit Festival is better known as WSSF recently completes one decade of its origination.

Undoubtedly, there is much such music fest already going on the February in Rajasthan and Goa. But this one of its kind music fests is not about any loud music but portray the tranquillity of music. The event usually organizes in two forts of Rajasthan situated in Jodhpur and Nagaur. The Jodhpur edition takes place in the famous Mehrangarh Fort while the Nagaur edition takes place in the Ahhichatragarh Fort.  

History of World Sacred Spirit Festival

The inauguration event of World Sacred Spirit Festival took place back in 2007. The first event organized in the Nagaur at the Nagaur fort by the Mehrangarh Museum Trust. Occurring of the first event in Nagaur fort as a concluding event of the restoration work going on that fort. But, the way people received it give a reason to the organizer to continue it for years till now. 

Moreover, the fest than made its entry to one more prominent region of Rajasthan which is Jodhpur. The motive behind the organization of this fest was to conserve and promote the Sufi tradition prevailing for centuries in these two areas of Rajasthan. The Chistiya Sufi music is unique spiritual music which has its center in the Nagaur and Jodhpur. 

The Mehrangarh Museum trust which brings this fest every year to the audience was a Gaj Singh II founded institution. It is an institution which works toward arranging such fest which promotes and conserve the heritage of this region.

When is World Sacred Spirit Festival celebrated?

World Sacred Spirit Festival hits off annually in February. Keeping the same track this year also the fest will go off live from 15th to 18th of February at the Mehrangarh Fort. The soulful, melodious voice which the audience impeded to hear has many prominent names. For example, Madan Gopal Singh, Irfan Tufail, Arshad Ali Khan, Ojas Adhiya, Milind Tulankar and many more artists. 


What do people do on World Sacred Spirit Festival?

If you are enjoying listening to some peaceful music which offers instant relaxation to you, this fest is your destination. Over the year, hundreds and thousands of people including vocalists, instrumentalists and audience steps into the fest. The musicians arrive here from many corners of the world comprising of Africa and Asia. 

But what gives it a remarkable touch is the artists from diverse background standing together on the stage. Moreover, you must be knowing about the other tourist spot present here. Of course, people do not forget to visit them while they are on the fest trip. 

Some Images of World Sacred Spirit Festival

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