Shekhawati Heritage Festival 2021 February 10-11 | Download Photos, Images & quotes

Rajasthan has a rich cultural past which celebrated through various events. It is because of these events which bring a lot of tourism to this state. Shekhawati Heritage Festival is one of these fests celebrated the cultural heritage of Shekhawati. Well, you must know this place since it is quite famous for its mural painting. A few more insight about this fest and this region mention below.

Introduction of Information about Shekhawati Heritage Festival

Just like many other regions of Rajasthan, Shekhawati also has a royal background. The prominent area it consists of is Sikar, Jhunjhunu, Churu along with some part of Nagaur and Jaipur. It has a considerable reputation in the entire world for its painting. More these paintings do not restrict to the canvas but also on the archaeological structure. The archaeological sites which are well-known for such paintings include forts, palaces, frescos, temples, wells, and a few more on this list. 

All the credits of these beautiful sites famous for their visual appeal go to the wealthy Marwari merchants of Shekhawati. If you receive a chance to visit these landscape, you will get to know how beautifully mural paintings painted on it both on the inner and outer walls. Moreover, the folk music and dance are equally amusing to the tourists. 

History of Shekhawati Heritage Festival

Let’s dig into some historical facts about the region. Shekhawati region came to known by its name because of the settling of descendent of Rao Shekha at this place. Moreover, this region mentioned in all the classic text known till now be it Ramayana or the Mahabharata. In later historical phase, it was in control of the Rajput kings, the Muslim ruler, and the British empire.

The lovely landscape present in Shekhawati built between 17th to 19th century. Speaking about it, the beautiful buildings constructed by employing local techniques. Since exotic view prevailed in the entire Rajasthan but what made this place better than any other is its unique exhibition of mural paintings on it. Some of the examples are Poddar Chhatri, Saraf Bageechi, Ajit Sagar Johara and Chowkhani Kuan.

As far as we consider the Shekhawati Heritage Festival, it is an initiative of the government to highlight the region archaeological beauty. It is further intended to drive more tourists towards it. 

When is Shekhawati Heritage Festival celebrated?

February is the perfect time to visit Shekhawati since this fest will commence at that time. Completed 22 successful years, it is now entering the 23rd annual celebration. Meanwhile, those who are willing to attendee it this year should arrive here before 15th of February. It will run from 15th to 18th of February.  

What do people do on Shekhawati Heritage Festival?

No doubt, Rajasthan receives the highest tourism in the nation, and this fest gives it one more reason. Many visitors gather round when the fest is about to begin. The pay visit to all the famous tourist spots especially the buildings to witness those mesmerizing paintings. Of course, they also enjoy, Rajasthani music, dance and animal sports. And how can they forget to taste the lip-smacking Rajasthani thali?

The local market is the storehouse of exquisite craftwork by the small artisans, and the tourists love to buy such craftworks. All in all, the four days of fun frolic vacation is much refreshing and rewarding. Arriving here is not at all problematic as being near to the capital work as an advantage to it. For that matter, national or international tourists find easy to arrive at this place surround with all modes of transportation.     

Some Images of Shekhawati Heritage Festival

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