Shambhala Music Festival Canada

Shambhala music festival is held in Salmo river ranch, British Colombia. During the first week of august you can enjoy this music festival in the venue of Salmo river ranch which is a 500 acres’ cattle land near West Kootenay mountain. Earlier it started with just 500 group of people that exhibited their art and music. 

Introduction of Information about Shambhala Music Festival Canada  

Later, this festival became a big hit and increased its popularity throughout West Coast for electronic music scene. The festival lasts for 4 days and 4 nights and provides combination of music and art in nature. More than 10,000 people join this outstanding electronic music festival.

Canada attained it’s amazing and longest running electronic music events in year 1997. There is not any corporate sponsorship accepted for Shambhala music event. 

The event is run only by the volunteers People who attend the festival enjoy and get inspired of adding or repairing different structures on the ground. There are about more than 2000 volunteers and workers who are great contributor of Shambhala. You won’t be able to see any logo or advertisement available on farm.

Shambhala is base to six different themed stages. Each stage has different names, different varieties and with particular own stage director. A stage director will deliver unforgettable and outstanding experience in sequenced year. You would get latest and coming electronic live music are around the globe. Shambhala holds crew if about 1,000 workers and volunteers run the its operation on polished and protected way.

History of Shambhala Music Festival Canada 

This year historical music festival would be contributing its 21 year in Shambhala Music Festival. Every year it adds up different DJs in their list. Last year festival bundles up with artists such as A-trak, Adventure Club, Beats Antique, Beardyman, Chris Lake, Destructo, Dj Kazzy Jeff, Excision, Herobust, Opiuo, Pendulum DJ Set, Liquid Stranger, Rezz, The Polish Ambassador and many more. This year REZZ is expected to be making her extraordinary appearance for Shambhala 2019 lineup.

Shambhala Music Festival Canada Lineup

Tickets are available for 21st annual music fest which would be held in Canada has been released on September 1,2017.  We would recommend you to purchase the Shambhala 2019 ticket from its official website, due to increasing lovers of this festival, tickets are selling very fast. The price of ticket is about $340 U.S dollars. There are some additional fees included of $9.25 CAD per ticket. 

There will also be extra fees for those who want to ship ticket to them.  For Shambhala Lodging it is advised to make purchase quickly because records have shown that Lodging packages are being sold out in a flash.

Be prepared because you are not aware how many music lovers are going to be there before gates open up. Try to arrive early and have all necessary things with you like water, sunglasses, clothing, hat and many more things, as you might have to wait for the entry. Guests would be welcome on Wednesday or Thursday, as the event would be on Thursday August 8th, 2019 at 8 AM. Entering early you need to pay extra, this payment would be made on venue, you can purchase this in advance. 

What do people do on Shambhala Music Festival Canada?
Shambhala experience is incomparable. Go and indulge yourself with delightful audience around the world in the midst of nature. Enjoy delicious and exotic food from around. Revive a child within you and design new passions and talents. This music festival is beyond your imagination and experience.

Some Images of Shambhala Music Festival Canada

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