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Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition is full name of “MEME” held every year. It is blend of digital arts as well as electronic music. It is urban electronic music festival held for 4 days. This festival can be enjoyed for free outdoor electronic concerts held at The Cube at Old Market Square and Winnipeg.

Introduction of Information about Meme Music Festival Canada
This year it would be running on August 15 to August 18, 2019. MEME hold many concerts, events, workshops and sequences of many free outdoor concerts. Some of the list of venues are The Forks Market, Pantages Playhouse, The Winnipeg Art Gallery, The Met Theater and some of small clubs. There are many local artists participating in this festival exhibiting their art and culture scene.

There are more than 50 International and Canadian Electronic music and digital artists appearing on this festival at Downtown WInniPeg and The Cube. You can find Early bird passes available online at just $75. This pass gives you access to all the events and venues. MEME festival gives you clear cut edge electronic music using different new and creative technologies. You would find combination of human creativity as well as artistic exhibition.

Meme Music Festival Canada Lineup

MEME festival lineup 2019 will include some music styles like ambient, world, psychedelic, deep dub, house, techno and different experimental sounds. Free concert you can enjoy at streets of The Cube in Old Market with some spectacular and world class features. Each event whether it’s local, nation or any international guest artist perform with one of the top quality of sound systems. Along with refreshing music something that draws your attention is many multimedia attractions.

Another positive part of MEME Festival is workshop which gives you learning experience. Once throughout a year we get an opportunity to carry a community consisting of ambitious producers and professionals. Only few steps away from main stage and venues, training is provided to performers of the festival on weekend by some local industry professionals.

This year MEME will be collaborating with WinniPeg VJ’s for feature of Nuit Blanche for great interactive visuals. Nuit Blanche is celebration of Contemporary art in city of Toronto. One full night from time of sunset to sunrise, Toronto is changed into an artistic ground for exhibiting contemporary art skills.

Some of the VJS of MEMES are LVLup, Toxic Prophecy, Pixel Pusher, Parallax and lot more to comes. While in local line up we have some performers like Joe Silva, Nathan Zahn, Mile and Dier Jasper, Jerm the Worm, Kasm, Dialog, Queen Kimmy, Jr, Theo Tzu and many more. Some famous performers from past festival who make noticeable remark around are Thomas Fehimann, Kevin Saunderson, Dandy Jack and Bluetech, Mike Monday, Kevin Saunderson.

What do people do on Meme Music Festival Canada?

Electronic Music has been gaining great popularity throughout. Now day’s people are falling in love with contemporary art and music. This festival brings to blend of both. You can enjoy array of new music, amazing visual attractions, educational workshop and the rocking dance floor to get your feet moving. Book your presence there for indoor venues while outdoor concerts are free.

Some Images of Meme Music Festival Canada

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