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We are proud to bring a "Environmental Friendly" music festival which is voted as the "Best Festival of Canada" by listeners of CBC Radio 3 SearchLight all over Canada! The Evolve Music and Awareness Festival is an annual 3-day summer celebration of music, culture and social awareness. From its inception in 2000 has bought world-class performers from all over the globe.

Introduction of Information about Evolve Festival Canada 
The Evolve Music and Awareness Festival was born in millennium. the festival was started by Joe MacEachern. a resident of Antigonish. Later Dim Dorey of Toronto, was recruited by Joe to become the co-founder of Evolve Tribe. Jay Cleary later joined the due as the festival publicist and rose significant development fund from the Nova Scotia Government to develop the festival as Nova Scotia Tourist Attraction. 

History of Evolve Festival Canada

In 2005, Jonas Colter, a longtime supporter of the festival joined the team. In 2006, Jim Dorey gave all his shares to Jonas and Joe and later in 2008, Joe sold his shares to Jonas in order to pursue a degree in Sociology.
The festival presents a diverse lineup of rock, jazz, funk, world music, hip hop, bluegrass and electronica performers. Evolve also hosts workshops that spread awareness to its attendees about social issues such as personal wellbeing and environmental awareness.
Evolve Festival is an annual music and cultural festival which was situated near Antigonish, Nova Scotia until 2016. Later, the festival was moved to Jailletville, New Brunswick. The festival promotes sustainable living and environmental awareness. It uses renewable energy sources, recycled and biodegradable products and endeavors (aided by Styrofoam) to limit solid waste. 

By 2010, more than 115 acts have been performed in the festival. The Evolve Music and Awareness Festival also features several smaller stages which are exclusively for specific genres music such as Electronic, Bass, and Indie rock. There are also smaller yurt stages highlighting smaller acts from around the world.
The Evolve Festival believes a clean and green environment for its future generations and has proved that we can Party but also take care of Mother Earth. All Evolve merchandise is printed on organic cotton or recycled materials. The posters and marketing materials are printed on recycled stock using environment friendly printing press that does not require large amount of water and thus reducing the water waste. 

Moreover, Evolve food vendors in the village use biodegradable food packaging and eco-cutlery. Last but not least, Evolve encourages its spectators to reduce amount of CO2 emission by embracing the concept of carpooling.

Evolve Festival Canada Lineup
Here is the list of some notable performers of Evolve Music Festival Lineup: Sam Roberts Band, Arrested Development, Xavier Rudd, Coleman Hell, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Too Many Zooz, REZZ, BROS, Flinch, Worthy, Defunk, Zeke Beats, DJ Shub, Dezza, Rich Aucoin, Stranger, Slowcoaster, Kytami, Spiffy Labs, Bones, Echonomics, Josh McKinley, Jamie Comeau, AG Alchemy Yoga, Fuzz Fiction, Lash Larue, FUNKSWAG, Mulligan, Harmsworth and many more
Get ready for a rocking summer at Evolve Music and Awareness Festival on JULY 19-21, 2019 MONCTON, NB. Looking for Evolve Music and Awareness Festival Tickets? Worry not! We have got you covered, click here to get your tickets.

Some Images of Evolve Festival Canada

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