Quebec City Summer Festival Canada | July 8, 2021 to July 18, 2021

Quebec City Summer Festival is annual music festival held in downtown of Quebec City. It consists of 11-day program usually initiating in first Thursday of July. There are millions of followers who appear and increase year after year. Its multitude performances are spread over more than dozen venues. It has gained lot of popularity and made a special place in list of major music festivals in Canada.

History of Quebec City Summer Festival

Quebec City Summer Festival has history from 1968 till today. In their first edition there were some business persons united with some artists of Quebec City. Their motto was showing their artistic talent along with economic and tourist potency of that space. In year of 1970 and 1980 this festival has gained popularity in musicians of Francophonie and world music.

Lastly the festival has increased its followers and demand after transform its music offered and adding up international headliners from different genres throughout the world. Some of music included were rock music, punk. Classical, francophone, world music, hip hop and other styles. Lastly electronic music was added in their list because of its popularity throughout.

Quebec City Summer Festival 2021

Quebec Summer Festival Line up is scheduled on Thursday 5 of July to Sunday 15 of July on the plains of Abraham. You can get passes of these events online. The pass gives you entry to all shows including all 11 days. Children below 12 are compulsory accompanied by an adult and you don’t need to buy pass for them. There is about $100 price of each pass. There would be array of indoor and outdoor attractions by many international talented artists giving performance on rock, French music, hip hop, jazz and different genres. 

Quebec Festival lineup 2021 artists would be included Neil Young, Car Seat Headrest, Frank Turner, Jane Birkin, Bonobo, Jethro Tull, Avenged Sevenfold Passes are available on the basis of three zonal areas.

What can people do at Quebec City Summer Festival?

Gold Front Zone offers access in space near Bell Stage on the venue of Abraham. Also with this card you can easily go to other stages events for all 11 days. Behind Gold Front Zone is Silver Front Stage zone which is located between technical control are and Casino of Charlevoix. It has holding capacity of 2000 persons with bar and restroom amenities. Bell Signature Zone tickets allows you for a reserved seat in parade of the festival area.

Some of the visitors also spend in enjoying Quebec City for rest of time. Quebec is famous for its culture, history, delicious food and many great outdoors. You can find different packages and must see attractions list in Quebec while enjoying music festival. You can easily get around in city from Quebec Festival by bus, bike, carpool, car or ferry.

Book your visit to this event and get your tickets soon. If you are EDM lovers and want to join more than 1.5 million goers each year, then this place is for you. Tickets are selling fast so book your favourite area from gold, silver or standard and enjoy array of performances over more than dozen of venues.

Some of the Quebec City Summer Festival Images 2021

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