Pop Monteral Festival Canada - September 25, 2019 to September 29, 2019

From the list of festivals, we never know which to attend and what events in includes. Mostly all festivals have general theme and have almost same genres of music. With increasing demand of Electronic Dance and music festivals around there are array of events happening with local, international and upcoming artists. 

You can go for few research know the type of artists and have knowledge about the ambience around. Also, smaller festivals and bigger festivals have different costs of entire weekend or a week. Fetch a festival one which choose your criteria.

Introduction of Information of Pop Monteral Festival 
Canada is very much known for list of festivals around. There are indoor and outdoor venues throughout the city where many artists give their best performances and feel the best of music. 

POP Montreal is one the happening annual music festival with more than 50 venues across the city most of them lies in the Mile End area. The main theme of Pop Monteral is music related film or known as Film pop. It also included Art events, conference and cultural fair named Puces Pop.

History of Pop Monteral Festival ?

Pop Montreal has history from long back of 2002 initially 80 musical acts happening in 40 venues around Saint Laurent boulevard. The name of festival was inspired by Halifax Pop Explosion, which also a musical festival happening in every fall. 

Pop Montreal has good number of attendees every year, more than 50,000. It is said to be one exquisite annual “not for profit” event mastering in arts and music by bring up the talents around the world. Pop Montreal gives powerful platform to many upcoming generation of musical and art talents.

Pop Monteral Festival Lineup 2019

POP Monteral Lineup has many new and old talents around the world. This year the event would be happening in September 25 to 29, 2019. 2019 talents showcasing their talents are Bodywash, Motel Raphael, Common Holly, TIKA, Pierre Kwenders, Lido Pimienta and YAMANTAKA. 

You can find different packages which beyond attending the festival, you can have a tour of city and enjoy its beauty. Tickets are available for Single Show entry which costs from $10 to $60. The passes fall in four different categories with different costing. First one is Delegate Pass, this package would include more than fun, you would be given priority to all festival shows and events. Also would be provided with exclusive invitations for cocktails. 

There is another category known as Super Pass for just $300, you don’t have to wait in line for entering event, you can just get entry within few seconds. You would be given priority to enjoy the shows at the festival. There is also two days pass, for Friday 15th and Saturday 16th, at $90.

Pop Montreal has attraction of events categorized as follow; Film Pop, art Pop, kids Pop, Puces Pop, Pop Mag and many more. Make you initiative and attend this exclusive music festival.
Beyond POP Montreal festival, you can visit Montreal city famously labelled as “Canada’s Cultural Capital’ by monocle magazine. There are incredible attractions, array of restaurants providing you delicious food, art galleries and unique architecture.

Some Images of Pop Monteral Festival 2019

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