Motion Notion Festival Canada - 2020

Obsession for Electronic Dance music has spread its wide roots towards different parts of world. Canada is land of many Electronic Dance music events happening around. Music lovers around the world are attending festivals in high volume.

These festivals include many recreational programs along with music, dance and art. One of the finest festival is Motion Notion Festival happening underground in BC, Canada.

Introduction of Information of Motion Notion Festival 

Motion Notion Festival is one of the Western Canada’s longest running festival with blend of dance and electronic music. Initiated with single night event, the festival increased till four night event. It happens usually on weekend on the end of July. From the year 2017 it has rescheduled the event dates to August End weekend keeping weather pattern in mind.

Motion Notion has spread its basic scenes psychedelic trance, techno, downtempo, dubstep, breakbeat, drum and bass. Motion Notion made its debut in 2000 in a warehouse of Calgary, Alberta. At present the festival has made its base in Golden BC, in the Rocky Mountains at Beaverfoot Lodge Ranch. In the west of Yoho National Park and 20 km away from TransCanada Highway, this place is located.

History of Motion Notion Festival ?

The places is located in midst of forest with Rocky Mountains drawing your attention. The atmosphere is just too marvelous, the shinning stars in the beautiful sky, cold nights with cool breeze, with all those lasers moving around and highlighting the beautiful scenery around. There is a small near river passing there which makes the land more attractive when those lasers reflect at night in water.

The positive factor of Motion Notion was they allow people to experience the different stage of life with freedom to enjoy what they want. Until and unless it is not obstructing or effecting the people around. You can share space and quality time with your old and new friends throughout the night.

Motion Notion has its special and different place in list of EDM festivals happening around. It has its own style and network with so many artists whose music would let you in another stage of world.

Motion Notion Festival Lineup 2019

Motion Notion Lineup 2019 would be schedules this weekend on 23 August from 9 A.M onwards to Monday 27, August 2019. The tickets prices would be decreased when event is running. Tickets are available online, book before you be left out.

If you are making arrival on Thursday, ticket would be $400 CAD, on Friday it would be $360, while Saturday would be $280, Sunday and Sunday night party would be $190 and $85 CAD respectively.

Motion Notion Festival holds four stages, the temple, which starts from noon till 6 am every day. Nights of temple stage are funky and dubby in the day time. You would enjoy 50,000 watt sound system, there would be amazing visual projects on screen, video mapping, UV cannons, colorful lasers and many more.

The Cabana by PK is a bamboo place runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night starts from 4 pm to 6 am. The cabana has been in joined with Motion Notion from last 12 years and each year there is increment in its level.

Ancient Gardens located like dome with powerful projectors with amazing sound system with audio and visual experience. Indie stage Some of the artists are 80Fitz, Abstrakt Sonance, Akasha, Amani, D-Funk, Kytami, K = Lab, Kayla Scintilla, Doctors WereWolf, and many more.

Come and enjoy this awesome musical festival with artistic acts. Book your tickets soon.

50 HD Images of Motion Notion Festival 2019

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