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Easter a Christian festival celebrated for rebirth of Jesus. In simple terms; Jesus awakened on this day from the stage of death. Easter is also known as Pascha or resurrection Sunday. It is usually held on Sunday. This year it will fall on April 12, 2020.  As per New Testament of Bible, this festival or event occurred three days after Jesus was crucified by the Romans around 30 A.D.

History Behind Easter Day

Lent is a serious religious remark of Christian liturgical calendar, it stats with Ash Wednesday and end about six weeks later and three days before Easter. The whole idea of Lent is preparation for the festival of Easter by offering prayers, doing repentance, disgrace the flesh, repent of sins done, almsgiving and self-sacrifice. 

This festival is usually remarked and celebrated in Catholic, Methodist, Easter Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran churches. Many people fast for these 40 days by giving up their luxurious life and follow the steps of journey of Jesus Christ for those 40 days.

Holy week is followed week before Easter and is treated as last week of Lent. Holy week includes Palm Sunday, Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. The whole week Prayers and litanies are practiced from the eve of Palm Sunday throughout the Easter morning. 

How Easter Day is Celebrated?

It is believed that Jesus while having Last Supper, on Holy Thursday, prepared himself and his followers for his death. He related wine to his blood and loaf to his body. He gave part of loaf to each of his disciple mentioning that this is his body. He also stated to follow the ritual in his remembrance. Good Friday is known as day of Jesus Death and is followed worldwide. After the death of Jesus, he was laid in tomb, this day commemorates as Holy Saturday. Easter is day followed by holy Saturday on which they found resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Eggs and bunny are two important symbol of Easter. Eggs are symbol for entering in a new life in many cultures of world. For Christians they decorate Eggs and signifies as rebirth of Jesus Christ in the world. People decorate eggs in unique and divine way, these eggs can be hardboiled, plastic, chocolate, candy or any other materials. 

People prefer consumable items more for eggs that can be used later. People follow different methods to celebrate Easter beyond decorating eggs is egg hunting and rolling. Usually children hunt eggs outside on the Easter morning. Easter Egg roll is celebrated annually in white house law after the day of Easter since 1878.

The story of “Easter bunny” was initiated in 1680. Hare is symbol of moon and it was associated as producing many offspring.  It is believed as hare come out of its burrow symbolizes Jesus coming out of the tomb. In 2007, there was covered with diamond which was sold for more than 9 million pounds. In 2011 Italy presented tallest Easter chocolate Egg with 10.39 meters’ height and weight of 7,200.

What do People do on Easter Day?

On Easter Day various foods traditions are related. In Neapolitan Cuisine, casatiello or tortano is main dish. In Russia red eggs, kulich and paska are included. In Ukraine paska and cheesecake desserts are prepared.  Eggs, lambs, pastries, bread are typical dishes consumed by Christians throughout.

Easter day is full of love and happiness for Christians and followers of Jesus around the world.

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