Bass Coast Festival Canada | July 09, 2021 to July 12, 2021

Founded in 2009 by Andrea Graham and Liz Thomson, Bass Coast Festival is an independent international exhibition of electronic music and art. The artist owned and operated event is a distinguished platform for Canadian artists and a destination for innovative international talent.

Bass Coast Electronic Music and Arts Festival has returned for its 10th edition to Merritt, British Columbia, in July 6-9, 2018. Located in the charming Nicola Valley, Bass Coast’s intimate setting puts you close to the action.

Introduction of Information of Bass Coast Festival 

“A DIY endeavour founded and run by women with no sponsors or corporate presence whatsoever, it’s a unique fixture in a region already known for its plethora of festivals…”

Andrea Graham, aka The Librarian, established with Thomson, who is the Co-founder of art collective the Guild. Corporate connection and social media are kept aside when people enter this mesmerizing place and get engaged with environment. 

Without Sponsorship or advertising the event is funded by its clan. Last year showcasing art including a giant telescope, a handmade Stargate, a tent filled with taxidermied crow feet that could be pulled from the ceiling to reveal a person’s fortune, and numerous blank walls for attendees to write, draw, or doodle on, the event invited plenty of imagination.

The ninth instalment of the boutique event attendees were astonished and loved everything from inflatable astronaut costumes to NASA flight jackets and giant rocket ships, “space” was the theme for 2017, but the real motif may as well have been “collaboration”. Everything onsite—including the garbage cans—was art-designed by festival co-creator, Liz Thomson, to facilitate conversation and invites you to detox your life.

Ask any EDM devote in Western Canada, and they’ll tell you that Bass Coast is more than just a festival—it’s a cultural mecca. Nestled in the woods at the curve of Coldwater River near Merritt, the site has four major stages and world-class performers, but unlike most music events, attendees don’t buy their tickets for the big-name bragging rights. 

Established as an escape from the outside world for creatives, it’s a home of giant art, intimate panel discussions, and a base-camp for collaboration and exploration.

Bass Coast Festival Lineup 2018

The players that played the act in 2017 lineup include the following: Justin Martin, Roman Flügel, B. Traits, Paul Woolford, Kasra ,J. Phlip, The Funk Hunters , Sango,Special Request, Quantic, Call Super, Enei, BrEaCH, Sam Binga, Project Pablo, Smalltown Djs, Loefah, Egoless, Eli Escobar, Stagga, Doctor Jeep, Moresounds

And the entertainers for 2016 lineup are: The Vision, Leon Vynehall, Roman Flügel, Bliss, Neon, &ME, Ivy Lab, Mala, Machinedrum, Ardalan, Ekali, The Funk Hunters, Bleep Bloop, Rider, Rustie, El Papa Chango, Fort Knox Five, SkiiTour, Danny Corn, JPOD, Longwalkshortdock, Mat The Alien, MC Swift, Smalltown Djs, Avalon Emerson,Todd Edwards, Bogl, Goopsteppa, Nickodemus, MC Foxy, Sabota, Daega Sound, Esette, Max Ulis, Michael Red, Scratcha DVA, Sergio Levels, Dubconscious, Naasko, Soloman, Subversive, Tyler Stadius, Westerley

There is a reason why the festival has so many reappearance of visitors, its laid-back attitude and welcoming vibe. Clothing is optional, fashions are outlandish, and colours are energetic. No-one speaks of the outside world, Social media are left aside, and the event concludes with discussions of returning to next year’s Bass Coast. So what are you waiting for get you Tickets for Bass Coast Festival for this year from here.

Some Images of Bass Coast Festival || Bass Coast Festival 2018

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