Ultra Music Festival | March 26, 2021 to March 28, 2021| Download Pics, images and wallpapers

Miami in March gets super energetic as it’s the time for the years most waited for the music fest. Yes, it’s the time for Ultra-Music Festival in Miami. Not just local but people from all over the US unite at the fest venue. Every dance genre plays at the concert allowing people to burn the hall with their moves. The excitement of the crowd shouting and screaming at the hall give a boost to the artists. This party is so happening that, even if someone visits it for the first time they never miss next time. So here is some more info if you are willing to attend this fest in Miami.

Introduction of Information of Ultra Music Festival

Ultra-Music Festival exist since 1999 so, you can say that soon it will complete its two decades. It is an annual fest taking place in March every year. Usually, it runs on the last weekend of March. The beautiful location of Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami witnesses a big crowd gathered for this fest. Its founder Russel Faibisch and Alex Omes approves its name as Ultra. They drew this name after a 1997 release music album of Depeche Mode, Ultra.

Over the time the fest has become bigger and bigger. Be it the amount of crowd or the number of days. Moreover, the organizer of this fest is Ultra Enterprises, Inc. and now it moves to other parts of the globe too. These countries names include Mexico, Singapore, Japan, China, India, Cape Town, South Korea, Brazil are a few of the names.

Ultra Music Festival 2021

When is Ultra Music Festival in 2021?

Ultra Music Festival is scheduled to be from March 26, 2021 to March 28, 2021. This event is being celebrated Friday which is March 27 to Sunday which is March 29.

History of Ultra Music Festival

The start of this fest was in 1999 when two business partners collaborated to bring this festival. These two business partners were Russel Faibisch and Alex Omes. During its early years it was only a day show but, now it is a three days show. It was one day show till 2006 after which the producers make it a two-day show. This two-day show becomes a three-day event in the year 2010. After which it continued as a three-day show that began on Friday and ends on Sunday.

This fest crowd grew exponentially and, so does its income. Although, during its opening year it has to go through some loss things become positive slowly. In fact, in its second year, there is a massive rise in the crowd. After which it always increased and, there is no drop in the counting of attendees.

How is Ultra Music Festival celebrated?

Ultra-Music Fest joins the Winter Music Conference thus serving music the whole week. The diverse line-up comprises eminent music personalities together with newbie of the music industry. Some famous artists from the past are David Guetta, Carl Cox, Armin van Buuren, Afrojack, and Zedd. The showground holds a spectacular view. There are seven stages present on the same Bayfront Park and all of them decorated beautifully with light. All of these stages have different names. For instance, Live stage, Main stage, Megastructure, Oasis stage, Resistance stage, UMF radio stage and Worldwide stage.

What do people do on Ultra Music Festival?

In case someone wishes to attend this fest, they have to be a bit alert about the ticket sale. All the tickets of this three days show got sold within a few minutes. A massive crowd unites for this outdoor party sets in the Bayfront park overlooking the Biscayne Bay. Nearly 80,000 people mark their presence every year wearing fashionable outfit and makeup. Not just music and dance many food vendors serving different food is also a part of the enjoyment.

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