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Happy Teddy Day

Soft toys are the cute and adorable gift that you can gift to your girlfriend. Especially if you talk about the soft and full of fur teddy bears. For that matter, teddy day is one of the celebration days of the valentine week. 

It is indeed the cutest way of expressing your heartiest feeling. Whether you said those three magical words, a thousand times or till now it's a secret. Undoubtedly its cuteness will melt any girl’s heart and makes it a bit easier to reach her heart. This gift of yours will hold a specific place in her heart which she will hug anytime she misses you.

Introduction to Information of Teddy Day

Teddy day falls on the fourth day of the valentine week that is the 10th of February. On this day couples, specifically the male gift their lady loves a soft teddy bear. Teddy day arrives after the chocolate day arriving on 9th of February.  

Usually, people relate the size of the teddy bear with the amount of love someone does to you. Which is why all girls want their boyfriend to gift them a giant-size, teddy bear. Of course, Girls loves collecting teddy bear and, this is the time to accumulate some more teddies into their closet.   

History of Teddy Day

There is an amusing story accounting the origination of teddy bears which probably not many people knew about it. During November of 1902, the then United States President Theodore Roosevelt was famous by the name of Teddy. 

Once he went on a hunting trip, where something took place which later becomes a talk of the town. It was Holt Collier who tied and cornered a black bear and asked Roosevelt to shoot it. Roosevelt refused shooting that bear claiming that it will be a dishonest action.Eventually, this event made an entry in the various newspaper as a cartoon.

These cartoons become a source of inspiration to Morris Michtom. Later he started a tiny soft bear club and named it Teddy Bear. After becoming successful in American markets, the commercial production of teddy bear begins in other countries.     
How Teddy Day is Celebrated ?

The market areas and shopping malls display multiple designs of soft toys and not just teddy bears. Although, many people go traditional and buy a teddy bear for their partners. Just like roses, teddy bear also comes in different colors where each color has their meaning. Often people choose red color teddy bear for gifting their partner.

Besides red, people gifts orange color teddy if they want to confront their feeling to you. In case someone accepts the proposal, they gif pink teddy to their partner. If you are waiting for someone’s reply which is yet pending, better gift them a green teddy. If you don’t love someone but does not know how to say it, just give them a black teddy. Moreover, if someone wants to broke up with their existing partner, yellow teddy will be perfect for them.  

What do people do on Teddy Day ?

The excitement of girl on this day is unmeasurable. Girls usually expect their boyfriend to gift a big teddy bear on this day. On the other side, boy buys a big teddy accompanied with flowers, greeting, and chocolates for his girl. 

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