Sasquatch Music Festival | May 25, 2019 to May 28, 2019

Summers must be hot but, then there is one cool thing which happens every year summers. Well, you guessed it right it’s the Sasquatch Music Festival. Even people outside of Washington know what Sasquatch Music Festival is all about. Just imagine how about chilling aside Columbia river with your friends in the daytime and then dancing to your heart’s content at night. It is the overall picture of this fest. Listed among the best music fests of the US, one cannot describe its madness in words. If you want to more than here are the précis details of everything. 

Introduction to Information of Sasquatch Music Festival

This beloved fest of loyal music fans comes once in a year. The dates fall on the weekends before the Memorial Day which is the last Monday of May. Initially, this fest goes live on four days in two weekends but it later the duration got increased. Finally, it becomes a three-days two weekends fest. 

The destination set for running this fest is at The Gorge Amphitheatre locating in Gorge, Washington.
The fest is continuously entertaining folks from past 16 years with the crowd growing large and large every year. Why anyone should not miss it is because you will enjoy every music genre at this impressive location. Be it Pop, EDM, rock, hip-hop they all will sum up in these six days.

Sasquatch Music Festival Lineup 2019

When is Sasquatch Music Festival in 2019?

Sasquatch Music Festival is scheduled to be from May 25, 2019 to May 28, 2019. This event is being celebrated Saturday which is May 25 to Tuesday which is May 28.

History of Sasquatch Music Festival

The idea of Sasquatch Music Festival was of Adam Zacks which devised in 2002. Adam Zacks, the man behind this fest used to work in Roseland Theater at Oregon in managing shows. After switching to Seattle for his friend and family, he comes up with this idea of this music festival. He felt that the people residing in Northwest Pacific are missing the fun of live music shows. Because much touring music fest discontinues which include one of the all-time famous Lollapalooza fests. 

So, he put into action this idea of the fest in 2002 which is 16 years back. It became a boon for the local people resulting in the rises slowly and steadily. On huge demand for the fest tickets in 2013, the organizer expanded it to three days two weekends show.

How Sasquatch Music Festival is celebrated ?

This fest includes performances from the known artist. For instance, Mac Miller, The Shins, Chance the Rapper, Twenty-One Pilots, Frank Ocean, MGMT, Coldplay and many others. The line-up comes out, a little ahead of the show and, all admirers go gaga when the list is out. Their performances go live over five stages namely, Main Stage, Uranus Stage, Banana Shack, Bigfoot Stage and Yeti Stage.

Besides music performances, there is one more fun element of this show. It is its comedy part. In comedy artists such as Sam Morril, SasheerZamata, Beth Stelling, Alice Wetterlund add laughter to this night.

What do people do at Sasquatch Music Festival ?

Those who never miss any of the seasons are all set to rock this time also. They start booking their tickets way before since it got sold out within minutes. People start reaching the fest venue using the different mode of conveyance like bus or car. In case, you want to stay overnight at the location there are all necessary arrangements for the convenience of attendees. 

There is a lot of camps where people can stay until the end of this fest. According to your budget, you can choose between four options in camping place. These are Gold, Premier, Standard, and Terrace. Dance, Music, Comedy, yummy food, a drink is what everybody will enjoy.

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