Happy Propose Day Wishes - 8 February 2021 | Download Pics, Images, Greeting Cards, Messages & SMS

Happy Propose Day 2021

Everything is painted red as the valentine is arriving soon. Wherever you see and whatever you feel is love. Propose day which falls on the second day of Valentine week is for all those who are willing to express themselves to someone special. 

If you are also on this list of people, now you have the best of both worlds. People of any age group fall in love but, they find it hard when it comes to conveying this in front of them. Well, this day gives you the opportunity to say it now. Many people believe that chances of getting your offer turned down is less. 

So now the ball is in your court, make your move before you lose the exclusive chance.

Introduction and Information on Propose Day

Every year in February the most awaited week for lovebirds come. Yes, it is the valentine week. We all know its first day as rose day and what comes next to this day is propose day. It’s the 8th of February that mark the observance of this day. The journey of every couple starts off with the propose. After the other partner agrees to the proposal, they begin their life’s journey together. Even those who are by this time in-relationship with each other grabs this chance of expressing their love.

History of Propose Day

Back in 1800, the valentine week saw its existence almost everywhere in Europe. The Valentine week was a tribute to Roman Saint Valentine who died in 226 A.D. on 14 February. The Roman King Emperor Claudius II ordered his killing for his misconduct of arranging marriages. He arranges marriages of people who want to live together but, the marriage was an illicit activity back then.

That is why 14 February chosen for the celebration of love and affection. Later a large chunk of people starts observing it, the celebration extended to seven days before and after to the valentine day. In these seven days, every day has a different name and on 8th February Propose day mark its name.

How Propose Day celebrated? 

With the onset of this week, every shop, restaurant, park or whichever place these lovebirds visit comes with different offers. Every visiting place decorated with red flowers and balloons creating a perfect background. They launch all the latest design of gifts, greetings, and chocolates which compel them of buying.

Moreover, various love games conducted in various places aimed at bringing the two souls together. In case, if someone wishes to go on vacation with their partners it is the time now. Some of the best travel deal especially for the couples comes around propose day fulfilling their wish.

What do people do on Propose Day?

Once you are in love, you always look out for the right moment to convey this message. To hit the nail on the head, everyone plans a perfect date before Propose day. The couples who are in-relationship spends some quality time on this ideal day. Many people visit exotic locations like beeches to add more romance to the atmosphere.

Some of them compose a beautiful letter which sums up all they want to tell their partner. There are beautiful flowers, some love games, a romantic dance, tasty dinner with old wines making your proposal a memory. Moreover, the couples committed to staying together in life and loving each other forever.

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