Happy Promise Day Wishes - 11 February 2021 | Download Pics Images Messages SMS HD Wallpapers

Happy Promise Day 2021

The enchanting month of February is all here. Spring is on its way making the entire atmosphere lovable and aromatic. Like an agreeable tradition that arrives every year, the lovebirds are excited to celebrate the Valentine week together. Every day of this week gives a new way to confess your feelings for your loved one.Promise day is special and wishes your loved ones Happy Promise Day 2021. Download Promise Day SMS, Messages and Wishes.

The feeling of love is pure and unconditional that only get satisfaction in giving happiness to whom you love. Love can’t restrict to any specific relation as every form of it is as pure as the other. Thus, you can celebrate the valentine week with your girlfriend, wife, mother, teacher, daughter or any other person. Rose day, teddy day, hug day, promise day, chocolate day are some of the day name included in the Valentine week.

All About Promise Day

Promise day falls on the fifth day of the valentine week after the Teddy day. As per the calendar, it’s the 11th of February that marks the rejoicing of promise day. On promise day, different relations pledge different promises. People who are in a relationship with their girlfriend promises their partner that they always remain truthful and love each other forever

People who are moving to a new relationship makes a promise of loving each other in every situation. They will never be dishonest and never breach their relationship with their partner. Friends promise to support each other throughout their life. The promises made on this day are a special one which one should never break.

History of Promise Day

Every relation you make in your life needs some commitment. These commitments are to be loyal and honest in the relationship. A relationship gets strength from such commitment, so it’s important for every person to abide by these promises. These promises have that power to protect the relation from every malicious threat. Promise day dedicates to these commitments.

The birth of Valentine week did not take place instantly. In fact, this one-day event stretched gradually in one week-long celebration. Male from the early medieval era in Rome doesn’t have the right to marry someone since they have to join the country’s army. To uproot this severe law, Saint Valentine organized marriages of those who want to marry someone.

Later he got arrested for abolishing the law and sentenced to death. Furthermore, the 16th century marks the rise of Valentine week. Valentine week gives the reason so many lovebirds to make an advancement in their relation one more step. Moreover, this romantic week also witnesses the formation of many new relationships.  

How and When Promise Day is Celebrated?

Promise Day is celebrated on February 11 every year.
Flowers, soft toys, chocolates, greetings card are notable things for rejoicing this day. Their importance increases significantly and, sold in every shop and market area. People to impress their partner, do not bother about the price they are paying. Moreover, for all other, the ongoing spring season is also given a reason to enjoy.   

Some Awesome Wishes and Messages of Promise Day

People go on the outing with their partner or friend. They admit their love which they feel for someone and, make promises of staying by each other’s side. They spend the entire day happily with their partner.  

Download Promise Day Images and Pictures Below

There are many surprising facts about the valentine week that give you goosebumps. For instance, are you aware of how many cards does the lovebird exchange over the valentine week? Well, over one billion cards which make it second highest in cards exchanging after Christmas.
People who are single often feel sad on this day since they don’t have a partner. If you and your friends also join this bandwagon then plan a trip to Finland on this day. Owing to the reason that Finland doesn’t celebrate Valentine day. In fact, they have friend day which falls on the Valentine day. So, now you can also cheer up this day. 

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Thanks for Promising on this great day to your dear ones and hope you will stay together always.
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