Happy Kiss Day Wishes - 13 February 2021 | Download Pics, Images, Messages, SMS, HD Wallpapers

Happy Kiss Day 2021

Valentine week the only time which keeps the lovers from across the world awaiting every year. Love in everybody’s life works as oxygen. People in love are the happiest person on the planet. The care and affection someone gets from their lovers are way more precious than any gift. Kiss is one of the most beautiful gift for lovers and that is why kiss day is celebrated. Download Kiss Day Wishes, Images, HD Wallpapers from below this post.

Spending time with your partners talking, cuddling, kissing and hugging each other becomes the best part of the life. If you are also diving inside this beautiful feeling, here are some interesting insights of this week.

All About Happy Kiss Day

Valentine week devoted to the romantic love one feels for someone. Not to mention the valentine week start off every year on 7th February and continue until 14th February. On 13th February, the lovers celebrate kiss day that is on the seventh day of the week. Kisses are surely the sweetest of all gesture of love. People say that true love is hard to find and, one should always preserve that love once they found it. This one week stretched commemoration of love is all about pampering your lover through cute ways every day. Moreover, the girls are happy as they get treated like a queen every day with loveable gifts. On the other hand, a boy gets to spend some good time with their girl.

History of Kiss Day

Kiss day added in the valentine week after the popularity of Valentine day grew in the entire world. However, the exact date of its rooting was not clear. The other historical facts about kissing suggest that practicing kissing was not popular in every religion. Moreover, kissing first decoded in the historical context of Persia. Greeks and Romans equally supported the kissing idea. The kissing culture in Rome spread in every aspect be it political or social or emotional. Even their poets also pen down a poem, going into raptures over the kiss. The addition of kiss in marriage rituals and other traditions also take place a little later in the history.

Throughout the history, different types of kisses performed between two individuals. Kisses differentiate on the ground of feeling with which they take place. The one that shared by lovers is romantic and sensual. People kiss their elders as a way of showing respect. Such kisses often did hands or cheeks. Beside this, people share an affectionate kiss with their friends or other family members. Moreover, the first kiss with the romantic partner is the most special one and forever cherished.

When and How Kiss Day Celebrated?

As this week enters the kiss day, all the lovebirds make a special kiss, following the tradition of this day. There are various offers introduced everywhere in the market areas. The motive is to lure all lovers for making this day even more romantic.

What do people do? | Kiss Day Photos and Pictures

As the Valentine week approaches people make ahead planning to make the most of this week. They hug, kiss and cuddle each other more than any other day. Kisses help you express that love which word fall short to explain. If you have your love in your life, this is the time to win her heart all over again. 


Download Free Kiss Day HD Pictures and Whatsapp Photos

Apart from spreading the love, kisses have many scientific facts you may not know till now. This sweet gesture of love has many health benefits. Like kisses are great exercise when it comes to cutting your fat. A kiss shared for more than a minute can reduce almost 26 calories. Not only this if someone does kissing every day in their life, then they are going to have five more years life. Beside these kissing also benefits your heart and brain. Moreover, these facts will boost you to kiss your partner more often.    

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