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Happy Valentine Day 2021

Everything is beautiful about February whether it’s the arrival of spring or the valentine week. From inside to outside there is love and beauty in the entire atmosphere. The Valentine week gives a reason to celebrate the love we are having in our life. Download Valentines Day Images 2021.

Although those who found the true love of their life do not need a day for celebrating it. They cherished it throughout their life. This week triggers the excitement and joy among the new age people especially those who are in love. It gives a chance to existing couples to spark up this feeling in their life once again.

About Happy Valentines Day

Let’s look into some more details about this day. Valentine day observed annually on the last day of valentine week. The 14th of February marks the Valentine day when every lover expresses their love to their special someone. Moreover, it’s an eight days celebration where every day adds feather to this occasion.

All that could impress your partner a bit more and make them fall for you one more time. Throughout the week, the budding lovers and couples exchange various gifts that increase their closeness more than ever. Starting on the rose day and ending on valentine day, every possible way of adding special memories.

History of Valentines Day

Since not many of us are not aware of Valentine’s Day history. Here is a brief note about it. Valentine day pays a tribute to Christian martyr Saint Valentine. Owing to the reason that Saint Valentine killed on 14th of February which is why this day has its name. Saint Valentine was around 200 B.C. and martyred on 269 B.C. As he was guilty of refraining the law and hence ordered to kill.

As per the Diocese of Terni biography, Roman men those days cannot marry to someone as they have to offer their service in the army. Saint Valentine did not submit to the rule.

On contrary, he started arranging the marriage of those willing to marry. Later he got arrested and sentenced to death. During his stay in love, he falls in love with the Jailer’s daughter. On the day of his death, he pens down a letter confessing his love. After his death, the Roman Catholic church added him to the list of Roman Martyrology and, recognize him as a saint.    

How and When Valentines Day is Celebrated?

Valentine week not only add joy to the lovers but also to the businessmen. Everywhere in the shopping area, one can see is the latest offers. Be it rose day or teddy day or chocolate day their offers gives you more reasons to celebrate this whole week. 

What do people do and what Valentine Gifts are Given?

On valentine day, a lot of people confess and proposes their love partner. Even if people have a busy schedule they take out time and go on a date. Moreover, many people also plan a trip with their lovers to make the entire week special. The gifts given on this day is a remembrance for the whole life.    

Download Happy Valentines Day Images Pictures Wishes SMS and Whatsapp Status 2021

Even after celebrating this day for many years you must not be knowing some interesting facts related to the day. Valentine’s day gets popular and accepted across many parts of the world in the 19th century. American has a unique zeal for celebrating this day. The numbers regarding the purchase of gifts, cards, and pet say it all. As per this data, Americans themselves buy more than 141million valentine day card in the world. 

Not only cards but 220 million roses beside chocolate and gifts. Moreover, they also topped in buying condoms on the valentine day eve. According to one more fact, there are nine million people in America who wish their pets especially dogs a happy valentine day.        

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