Governors Ball Music Festival | September 24, 2021 to Sept 26, 2021

As summers are approaching, it’s the time for the new season music fest. Well, this is the best part of summers in the US. So many music fests aligned every weekend in different parts of America. In the list of numerous music fest, the one prominent name is the Governors Ball Music Fest, which arrives in June. Of course, the excitement starts burning with the release of its line-up. If you want to attend a big event while staying in New York City, then this must be one of them. Here is a little more information of this annual music fest.

Introduction of Information on Governors Ball Music Festival

The Governor Ball Music Fest launched a few years back. It was the year 2011 when the premiere of this music fest took place. Thus, by this time it became seven years old. Usually, there are three to four days assigned for it which scheduled in the starting of June every year. The venue sets in the green location of Randall’s island present in the New York City. 

Moreover, if you want to know about the producing company, the answer is Founder Entertainment. Additionally, this company is set in the New York city and involves in the production of the Meadows Music and Art festival.

Governors Ball Music Festival Lineup 2021

When is Governors Ball Music Festival in 2021 ?

Governors Ball Music Festival is scheduled to be from Sept 24, 2021 to Sept 26, 2021.

History of Governors Ball Music Festival

It’s time to know some history of this music fest. Usually, this music fest started off every year bring some new addition to it. In 2011, this fest was the only one-day event. Many famous artists were the part of its headliner in its first show itself. For instance, artists like Mac Miller, Girl Talk, People under the Stairs, Miami Horror and many others. Following this year, the next year it became a two-day event. Like the previous year, there were many names which drew people attention. Some of them were Passion Pit, Cults, Atmosphere, Walk the Moon, K. Flay, and Beck.

Again, the next year again one extra day added to its spell. Now it is a three-day show since 2013. The fest ground this year turn to be muddy as the rains on its first-day result. In general, the fest never saw a fade in the crowd in these six crowd. This year also the fest brings many our favorite artist as the line-up is out. Eminem, Jack White, Travis Scott, Halsey, Cut Copy are some of the names.

How is Governors Ball Music Festival celebrated?
Every year this fest holds a grand celebration at the Randall Island. Its picturesque location adds to the beauty of this fest. The decoration of the stage with colorful lights and the excitement of the crowd is a treat to watch. This fest is quite famous for its line-up which comprising all the top headliners. Their names include Eminem, Travis Scott, Outkast, Phoenix, Vampire weekends, My Morning Jacket and many. Be it rock, hip-hop, pop, EDM, Indi, American you will get to listen to all of them. Not just music and dance but the food service of the surrounding restaurant also gain the limelight of this fest.

What do people do at Governors Ball Music Festival?

This three-day fest is generating a crowd of nearly 150,000 every time. This number dominate other music fest happening around America. People in summer relax their mood by attending this fest. They dance all night until the dawn arrives. Moreover, there are also amusing things for kids in this fest like fun games. People also don’t forget to dine out in the surrounding restaurant. Hence it will be a whole family trip in case you want to attend it with family.

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