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Happy Chocolate Day

Valentine day is not just a day celebration. Its celebration goes for a week long. There are several ways to expressing your love for someone. Moreover, every day of this week teaches a new way to express love to your partner. 

Chocolate day is one such day in this week going celebration which every couple or even single loved about it. Even if someone stays away from chocolates all through the year but, on this day, they love to get treated with chocolates from their partners. What’s more about this chocolate day, let's have an insight of it. 

Introduction and Information on Chocolate Day

Chocolate day listed among six other days in the valentine week. This day makes its entry on the third day of the week which is the 9th of February. Chocolates are one such gift that every girlfriend or boyfriend loves having it. From its color to taste to its smell everything about it is, just so lovely. Whether it’s dark chocolate or wafer chocolate we love them all. It is hard to say no if someone offers you chocolates. All in all, it’s the sweetest way of expressing your unconventional love.

History of Chocolate Day

Let’s dwell on some historical facts of this day. Around 1800, the Valentine day celebration started off on the European continent. Slowly and steadily, this one-day celebration turns into week-long rejoicing. Moreover, chocolate existence dates long back around 1900 BCE. Although, in many different civilizations it existed even before this date. But it was in the 16th century that chocolates gained popularity in English society.

However, it was until 1819 that these delicious chocolates available only in the liquid form. The making of chocolate has to go through a long process. Later in Switzerland, the first ever chocolate bar manufactured which continued till today.

Besides these, there are many chocolate facts that you are not aware. The whole world exports cocoa beans from the African continent. Above this, the world tasted more than 600 flavors of chocolates. During 1940, the world came to know about chocolate chips. 

These chocolates are a prominent ingredient in various types of deserts. For example, chocolate cookies, puddings, brownie, cake, and pastries. Hot chocolate drink and chocolate milk are famous and most delightful beverages across the world.

How Chocolate Day is celebrated ?

The bakery and other shops display different designer chocolates in their counters. Even numerous restaurants offer dishes and desserts prepared from chocolates. Since almost every couple goes for a date in Valentine week which makes it one of the favorite business time. Not just chocolate but there is other stuff which couples look for shopping and spend some good time together.

What do people do on Chocolate Day ?

Valentine week is for all the couples who are in love. It includes those who want to move into a relationship with someone they like. Furthermore, those who are already in a relationship also celebrate this day. Chocolates are just another sweet way to ask someone out on a date with you. People don’t forget to wish their partner with a bunch of their favorite chocolates on this occasion.

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