Burning Man Festival | August 26, 2019 to September 2, 2019

Burning Man Festival is one of a kind festival and among the first-born festival of the USA. The intention is to celebrate the freedom to express with art. People from every community gather at the Black rock desert expresses their felling with art. Let’s take an information ride on this festival.

Introduction of Information of this day

he Burning Man festival sets out in the latter part of summer every year. This fest dawns a week before the Labor Day. After continuing for that whole week, it ends on the Labor Day Monday. It is the stretched Black rock desert situated on the Nevada which witnesses this unique fest. 

The black rock city in the black rock desert where the fest takes off locates at the height of 1190 m above from the sea level. This one-week long fest first began 32 years back in 1986. So, till now its commencement account for more than three decades.

If you are trying to decode about how this fest receives its name then here is something you should know. There is a ritual of burning a large wooden effigy on Saturday evening. This traditional burning was taking place since the birth of this fest. Due to this tradition, it got the name Burning Man Festival officially in 1988. Burners are the name which the fest attendees get.   
This event does not have a specific theme. In fact, it all depends on the participants. This fest focuses on several things of the communities participating here. It includes community representation, irrationality, gaiety and decommodification.

History of this event

Let’s look back into its historical aspect of this event. On 21 June 1986, this fest starts for the first time on the Bakers beech in San Francisco. The idea comes out in the mind of Larry Harvey his friends Jerry James while performing bonfire ritual at the Bakers beech.

In 1990, this event saw a separate celebration at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Moreover, it was the origination of Kevin Evans and John Law and, it is still get celebrated. Shortly after it’s beginning at this desert, the celebration at Bakers beech stooped.

In the year 2004, Larry Harvey sets guidelines for the diverse community member taking part in it. The list has ten principles which soon became a general standard of the member communities of this fest. This list includes self-reliance, self-acceptance, community effort, inclusion, participation, civic responsibility, gifting, immediacy, and decommodification.

How the event celebrated

On the first celebration, founder Larry and his friend burn a wooden effigy of a human. This effigy which is nine feet tall burnt along with a wooden statue of a dog. Similarly, every year this tradition follows where a huge wooden man statue burnt.

The Black rock city which exclusively made to host this fest start occupying with the festival goers as the fest began. The counting of attendees grew ever since it started. Currently, there are nearly 70,000 people who attend this late summer event. Every year there is a new theme of this fest. Although, the fest continuous for a week but the main celebration starts on Friday.

The organizer distributes a survival guide among the attendees as a measure to ensure their health. In the sweltering heat of desert land, the attendees have to manage their health on their own. They are responsible for bringing their food, shelter, and water.    

What do people do
This crazy fest is more than what you expect from a regular fest.This art fest urges its attendees to involve in the artwork to express their views with other communities. The main concern of this artwork was to bring unity in diverse cultural and ethnic community. Beside this encouraging humanity and take a stand against social causes.

Other Stories
Some interesting facts which you don’t know about this are here. The Burning Man festival is not a fest but a movement toward radical inclusion. Moreover, the tickets of this fest are quite expensive. Meanwhile, there is a famous Orgy Dome in this fest which caters sex facility to its attendees.  Of course, the drug consumption is also a part of this festival.           

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