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Happy Hug Day

Every year the Valentine comes and goes, giving some special moments for lovers all over the world. Valentine day is a reason for many hearts connect and, many hearts broke. Although, the situation of heartbreak is quite less when compared with heart joined. Download Hug Day Images, Wallpapers, Photos, Wishes, Messages and HD Wallpapers.

  The hug day also marks the anniversary of many relationships since a lot of proposals send and accepted on this day. Owing to the reason that most of the proposes sent on Valentine day gets accepted. It gives hope to many people who are willing to confess their love.

For seven continuous days, people cheer their relation through numerous ways in this week. One of the important days of the valentine week is the hug day. Here is some more insight into this hug day, you would like to know.

All About Hug Day

Nothing can comfort you more than a warm and tight hug from some you love the most. It has a unique power that relaxes you even if you are in huge trouble. It has a message that how much the person loves you and how deep are the feelings. Hugs day comes on the 12th of February after promise day on 12th February. It is the fifth day of the valentine week.
Hugs itself are an emotion. Throughout our life, we receive many hugs from our loved ones. For instance, we got hugs from our friends, mother, fathers, siblings, colleges, spouses and other peoples. Some hugs are to sympathize while some hugs are plain warm transferring energy to each other. 

History of Hug Day

Hug probably rooted from the Scandinavian word ‘Hugga’ which mean to comfort. However, there is some disagreement with this idea. As some believe that its origination is from the German word, Hegen. Hegen in German stand for relishing or encouraging someone. On looking back at history for the first time, the word Hug used was in 1610.

While we cannot decode from the history, how and when did hugging started off? The story of hug is as old as the story of love. Undoubtedly, as a method of expressing love and compassion, people are doing it for ages. Hugging introduced to wrestling as a friendly gesture for the opponent indicating no personal animosity. Besides this is one more way of proving no weapon to either participant. People from the previous era used to hug trees around 18th century.

How and When Hug Day is Celebrated?

On hug day people spread love through this relaxing physical interaction. One can hug anyone whom they want to hug so this day is just for the lovers. But since, the valentine week is going and hug day give a reason to lovers to get a tight hug.
Hugs day is celebrated on the 12th of February after promise day on 12th February.

What do people do on Hug Day?

People on this day hug all their close people be it their mother, friend, sister, father or anybody else. Enthusiasm for this day celebration seen in the lovers. They head together for their favorite outdoor place and spend time enjoying that day.  

Moving to some interesting facts related to hugging that you will enjoy. The first important fact is that a 20-second hug is a treatment for everyday stress. If you are in a stressful situation and unable to deal with it, ask your friend or acquaintances for a hug. Moreover, hugging for 20 seconds will improve your heartbeat and empower your brain. A ten-second hug can also work magic over someone’s health.

In one more scientific fact about hugging says about the effect of hugging on babies. According to that fact, if a child doesn’t receive many hugs, they tend to be a slow learner. They learn all basic skills a little late in life. So, if you are a parent of a small child then hug them a little more often.

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