Austin City Limits Music Festival | October 4, 2019 to October 14, 2019

Austin City Limits Music Festival a globally recognized music festival which goes live every year in Austin. All the action and performances from many well-known music artists are what this fest brings to you. 

Of course, it’s a great stress buster and energizes you for a power pack beginning of the next week. So, if the music is your soul then get your passes ready for this fest.

Austin City Limits Music Festival Lineup 2019

When is Austin City Limits Music Festival in 2019 ?

Austin City Limits Music Festival is scheduled to be from October 5, 2019 to October 15, 2019. This event is being celebrated Friday which is October 5 to Monday which is October 15. 

About Austin City Limits Music Festival

Austin City Limits Music Festival is one of its kind as musicians from around the world join this fest. It is an annual event in the capital city of Texas.This fest scheduled for the two-consecutive weekend with three days on each weekend. Moreover, the producer of this fest is C3 Presents which is an Austin based company.

In case you are not aware, this fest started off a long time back. It is the year 2002 when the world comes across the first ever Austin City Limits Music Festival. Till now it registers 15 successful year entertaining masses. Not just people of Austin but the world is fond of this fest. In fact, a record of nearly 450,000 people attends this fest annually.

History of Austin City Limits Music Festival

Although, this fest is existing since 2002 but its history nearly 40 years old. The fact is Austin City Limit television series which has a close link with this fest is 40 years old. This successful series put a spotlight over different upcoming and old artists of the music industry. Be it is a singer or songwriter or instrument player it features them all. It started as an initiative by Bill Arhos in 1975. 

The motive was to bring back attention and donation to support the Texas musicians. This show got a lot of support from across the nation since its beginning.Apparently, the enormous support causes it to run for many more years. It results in the upbringing of many new talents of all genres.

How and When Austin City Limits Music Festival is celebrated?

The first event took place in 2002 at the Zilker Park in Texas city. The fame of the TV series from where it is inspired added a lot to its success. The organizer receives a large crowd in the first show itself. In the first fest, 67 bands perform live in front of 40,000 people.

Austin City Limits Music Festival is not just about music. In fact, there are many things to enjoy if you visit this festival. The first one in this list is Austin Eats. Austin Eats offers foods from well-known restaurants of the city. There are so many luscious foods to try in this option. Such as Amy’s ice cream, Stubbs barbeques, Duck Fat fries, Magnolia Café’s Mag Mud are a few from this list.

People from all over America visit the fest along with their family member and friends. This fest brings all genre of music be it Jazz, Indi, Pop, Rock and any other genre. The line-up of each day comprises of many big artists name. Notable acts from the past include Amy Winehouse, Pearl Jam, My morning jacket. Last year line-up rope in 130 artists performing in the eight stages of this fest.  You can explore not just the food and music but an exclusive art market.  

Austin City Limits Music Festival Tickets and Passes

This fest also intended to promote local artists through charity work. For this purpose, they bring ACL cares where attendee can offer some donation to help and encourage these bands.

Much before the release of the show dates people are all set to attend it. The tickets and passes are in huge demand resulting in its immediate sale. Nowadays the spike in the price of this three-day fest results in costing the passes to $1000.    

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