Happy Ugadi Wishes - 13 April 2021 | Know the History, Rituals and Dishes Made on Ugadi | Download Pics, Wishes and Images

Ugadi or also known as Yugadi is the new year day celebrated in the region of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and many parts of South India. Ugadi marks the beginning of the New Year with the month of Chaitra. It observed on Chaitra Shukla Prathipada, the first day of the month.

This is the new year celebration for the people between Vindhyas and Kaveri that include the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.  

The renowned Indian Bhaskaracharya evaluated, based upon the planetary motion that with the sun rises on this day there is a start of a new year, a new month and a new day. Usually, this day comes in the month of March or April of the normal Gregorian calendar.

Mythological aspects & History Related to Ugadi

This festival has a few old and fabulous stories related to it. Ugadi marks the beginning of that age in which we are currently living, the Kali Yuga. After Lord Krishna left this world, the Kali Yuga commenced. This legendary incident was described by the Maharishi Vedavyasa as “Yesmin Krishno divamvyataha, Tasmateeva pratipannam Kaliyugam”.

According to another belief, Lord Brahma known to be the creator of everything in the world has created the universe on this day. The Saka calendar begins from the day of Ugadi. Saka calendar was created after King Shalivahan set out to rule his kingdom in 78 AD. One more story says that the two sons of Lord Shiva and Parvati, Lord Kartik and Lord Ganesha were very fond of mangoes. 

Lord Kartik encourages people to tie mango leaves at their doorways that symbolize good crops and well-being. Hence, from then onwards there is a custom of tying fresh mango leaves on the entrance door on this day.  

Grand Ugadi Celebration 

Ugadi is a much-awaited festival celebrated with a lot of zeal, not only in our country but in the other parts of the world where this community lives.  A week earlier to its arrival people gets busy in the preparation of the festival. Houses were cleaned properly and purchasing of new clothes, gifts and sweets get started.

On the day of the occasion, people wake up early in the morning and takes an oil bath. New and traditional clothes were worn by them. The place where deities were held is decorated with beautiful flowers. The whole family participates in worshiping of these deities and ornament them with fresh flowers and incense sticks.

The entrance of the house is decorated with Rangoli designs which are made using colourful powders and flowers. A string of mango leaves is tied at the main entrance of the house. These practices are believed to bring good luck to the family and ward off all the evil and immoral essences from their home. The temples were occupied by devotees throughout the day.

Various mantras were chanted there by these believers. People seek the blessing for their better future and family well-being. A special ritual is followed in the temple known as the “Panchanga Sravanam” which is the listening of the yearly prediction by the priests. Now a day, people listen to these predictions at their home on their television set.  

Traditional Dishes Prepared on Ugadi

Ugadi Pachdi

Ugadi Pachdi is a special dish made on this particular occasion. The main ingredients used in its preparation are fresh jaggery, raw mango, neem flower, new tamarind, salt and red chillies. The dish prepared has a combination of six different flavours that are sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, salty and astringent. The dish is the reflection of different experience one comes across in their lives.

The ingredient of it may vary by the region but contain the same meaning. Besides this, other dishes prepared on this eve includes Pulihora, Bobbatlu, Holige and Puliogure. Mango pickles also a typical preparation on this day. These are sweet, sour and spicy in flavour and last for the whole year.  

Other Symbolization of the Day

With the celebration and joy making takes place everywhere, a number of events are organised for this traditional festival. Kavi Sammelanam is one such event where local as well as well-known poets participate and recite their own poetry. The festival cheers the arrival of the spring season in the southern part of the country. The atmosphere is covered entirely with the fragrance of jasmine flower, embraces the festive mood.

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