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The Festival gives us the reason to enjoy our life with family and friends. Throughout the year, various festivals associated with different culture and traditions are observed. It brings a change in our regular monotonous life. Based on, different religion, a number of festivals are celebrated across the Globe.

Among them, Losar is one festival which is celebrated by the Buddhist community residing in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and several Himalayan states of India. This festival marks the beginning of the Tibetan year. The word “Losar” is a Tibetan word formed after joining two words. Lo means a year or age and Sar means new or fresh hence Losar actually means the new year.

Historical background of Losar Festival

Losar festival is celebrated in grand for continuous fifteen days. Usually, it appears in the month of February or March. In India, the first three day celebrations are more frequent. This festival was started much earlier before the Buddhism originated in Tibet. During the Bon period, people used to do a custom function of winters every year.

They offer a large amount of incense to please their local god, and protectors as a part of its celebration. Later on, when Buddhism originated during the reign of Tibetan ruler Pude Gungyal, this festival was adopted by them and celebrated as new year. It was believed that an old woman named Belma has introduced a technique of measuring time for the changing moon phases. Based upon this measurement twelve lunar months were noted in the year.  

Story Related with Losar

Losar which marks the beginning of a new year in Buddhism culture has an interesting story linked to its start. It was all started in the 17th century when king Jamyang Namgyal was all set to lead a mission against Balti forces. But some minister and well-wishers advised to proceed the mission, after the celebration of the new year.

Since king Jamyang Namgyal was not willing to take steps back and does not want to disregard the sentiments of his supporter, he announced the celebration two months before the real celebration. From then on, the tradition of celebrating the new year on the first day of the eleventh lunar month has begun.  

Preparation for this Grand Fest

The preparation of this festival fire up two days before the actual date of its celebration. In order to enjoy the evening feast with friends and family sufficient amount of grain, sheep and goat are stored by the people. People are indulged in cleaning and decorating their home. Colourful lights and beautiful decorating items have used this purpose.

Monks of the monasteries are also engaged in performing specific rituals for the preparations of this occasion. This festival is also associated with the farmers as they rejoice their harvest. Participants start off their practice of several performances that is going to be a showcase on this much-awaited occasion.

People hung the image of the ibex, a symbol of fertility on their walls and doors. Ibex image made from the dough is placed on the kitchen shelves. This symbol is believed to bring good luck to the people.  

Ceremonial Feast & Dishes Prepared during Losar

Families come together to enjoy the customary feast and spend time with each other. Goat and sheep that were stored are slaughter as a part of rites. Chang a type of alcoholic drink prepared from barley and rice is the traditional element of this feast. Rice cakes and dumplings known as Khapse and vegetable soup called Guthuk are the highlights of traditional food cooked on this eve. Other mouth-watering dishes includes Thue, Tsampa, Dresil, Droma etc.  

How Losar is Celebrated?

On the day of Losar, the celebration began from the early morning. Numerous rituals were performed by monks and the local people that display Buddhism and pre-Buddhism traditions. The glorious goddess Palden Lhamo were offered a sacrificial cake on the top of Potala which is the main temple of Tibet, by the monks of Namgyal Monastery.

According to a custom, the housewives wake up early in the morning to fetch water from the nearby well. People wear new clothes then offer prayer and Torma to their god. Troma is a dough figure of monsters and animals. The young family member goes out to pay a visit and get the blessing from their elders. They gift them traditional Khatha scarfs worn on this occasion.

In the evening, people burn crackers and exchange gifts with each other. They enjoy different events showing folk dance, drama, chanting music and many others. In the evening, Metho which is a fire procession takes place. People unite and heads to the local marketplace with fire torch in their hands. This is intended to illuminate every corner and nook of that area.

They keep on chanting slogan to ward off evils and bad spirit prevailing in the surrounding. At the end of this procession, the fire torches are thrown out from the town and the new year is welcomed whole-heartily.

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