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We all know as to why the US celebrates Labor Day. It is the day honoring the labor movement which took place in the 19th century. Further, there is one more reason people keep waiting for this day. And that is they have a long weekend holiday ending on Labor Day. It is the right time to go out and enjoy with close people.

Introduction to Information on Labor Day 2021

US people observe Labor Day on the first Monday of September. Labor Day was a federal holiday for US citizen. In fact, before Labor Day, the whole weekend is a holiday.

Labor are the strong pillars in the development of a Nation. To appreciate their contribution in every field is the motive behind its celebration in the 19th century. After 1894, the thirty states of US start holding Labor Day celebration.  

Along with the US, Canada also observes its Labor Day on the First Monday of September. Although, the remaining part of the world has their Labor Day on 1st of May. This year United States will be celebrating Labour Day on September 6, 2021.

History of Labor Day

The latter part of 19th century and early 20th century witness various labor movement across the whole US. These movements were due to the ongoing tension between labor and the employer. The struggle is against the discrimination in jobs, improper wages, and working condition. Amid of all these many workers refuses to work causing much loss to the industries. The outcome of this ongoing strike was nearly 800 people lost their life any many got injured.

After the strike ends, the US president proposes a bill in the Congress. This bill attempts to start a day off to respect their labors. All the members collectively voted in agreement of this bill. As a result, Labor Day come into existence.

The US observes Labor Day for the first time on 5 September 1882. The event took place in New York City. Since 1894, there has been a federal holiday on this day. The year 1894 was when thirty states of US officially observe Labor Day. Apart from this, Oregon in 1887 declares a holiday on Labor Day.

Celebration of Labor Day Images 2021


To begin with, the first commemoration of Labor Day took place on 5 September 1882. Many trade union members unite on the New York streets. The trade union members come together to organize big parades on the streets. Until now such parades take place on this occasion. Through this march, the labor portrays their potency and spirit of their union.

Eventually, the grand festive celebration organizes for the working-class people. This day is incomplete without firework display. Everyone make sure that they do not miss this exciting moment. There are also speeches from the leading personality.

How Americans celebrate this Day

As Labor Day is a national holiday, all the working places remain close. For instance, schools, colleges, government and private organization, and post office. The common celebration is barbequing, visiting the exhibition, enjoying club matches.

People spend a good time with their near and dear ones. The prior weekend and the Labor Day give the opportunity to plan a trip or small vacation. They have many options to enjoy this small vacation. Like, organizing gets together or meeting their distant relatives. The summer vacation of schools always ends around the Labor Day. Hence, they also look forward to going on trips with their family.

Other fun facts about Labor Day

The marketer doesn’t miss to ripe the benefits from this holiday time. They announce unusual discounts and organize sales during the holidays. Their attempt to catch the buyer attention and compel them to buy never fails.

Furthermore, many say that declaring Labor Day in September and not in May was a clever decision. The purpose was to give a few days holiday between the Independence Day and the Thanksgiving Day.           

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