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Independence Day, a day when all Americans cheers for their free nation. After all, on this day when the Congress adopts the Declaration of Independence. It won’t be wrong to say that it was the day of US recreation.  On 4th July, every year the US citizen celebrates the anniversary of attaining freedom. Not to mention, USA celebrates its Independence Day with great zeal every year. There is an upsurge of nationalist sentiments among the citizens.


Introduction of Information of US Independence Day

USA Independence Day also is known as Fourth of July or July Fourth among the masses. On this day in 1776, the congress pens down the Declaration of Independence. Although, the member of Congress voted for freedom two days before. But it took two more days to gain approval of the free state.

Eventually, this day lists among nine other Federal holidays. This day is a holiday since 1870. But it was an unpaid holiday back then. Later on, in 1938 the Congress approves it as a paid holiday.

History of Independence Day USA

Let’s look at the historical aspect of this day. Since a long time, Great Britain was ruling over America. Initially, they were ruling and trading peacefully. It was only after the imposition of stringent laws and taxes by them. The situation now takes an ugly turn. 

The rebellion broke out in the nation opposing the current situation. Many events of clash took place between the settlers and the British empire. The most notable among these was the Boston tea party. It took place in 1773 when the rebellious group destroys the tea shipments of Britishers.

Americans fight for the independence for many years under the leadership of George Washington. At last, 13 British colonies in North America became successful in freeing themselves. The Congress member collectively votes to favor the Independence. They voted on 2nd July and on 4th July the adoption of declaration took place. After a month, the members signed the declaration on 2nd August 1776.

How people of US celebrate Independence Day?

Undoubtedly, the US citizen witnesses a grand celebration on this day. It has been more than 200 years of attaining freedom. Still, the enthusiasm never drops even a bit.

The first celebration took place in 1777. That event saw many traditions which occur even today. Like 13 gun-salute, firework display, parades, prayers, and speeches. In the morning, the major events of the day occur. National leaders mark their presence with their speeches. Through their speeches, they take pride in the history and heritage of their nation. The nation remembers their Independence heroes whose efforts given them the privilege to live free in the country.

The night event of Independence Day was also an attraction part. Folks went outside to witness a grand firework display. At the same time, many patriotic songs including the national anthem played on. All in all, it becomes a day to remember.

What do people do on Independence Day in USA?

Since the day is a holiday all the schools, colleges and working places remain close. As the summer is going on, people went out with their families. They enjoy picnics, camping, get together, barbeques and summer games. Picnics and barbeques are the part of the traditional celebration. People display America’s flag outside their houses. At the local level, people participate in the sports competition and fun activities.

Other stories related to US Independence Day

Two of the America great leaders were John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. They were also part of declaration signing event. Both of them died at the same date which was July 4, 1826. It was same day when the nation was observing its 50th Independence. Moreover, another American President dies on 4 July 1831. It was none other than James Monroe who was the third president of the nation.               

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