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Veterans Day is a day of national importance in the USA. It is the day of paying gratitude to all the United States former military personnel.  They receive respect for the services towards their nation. It is when the US citizen acknowledges the sacrifices and dedication of the US army men. They accept the challenges they face to achieve their duties. 

People around the US come together every year on this day. People join to give thanks to their soldier. They thank these soldiers for the outstanding contribution.  As without their efforts, the nation will not achieve its peace.

Introduction of Information about Veterans Day

People of United States celebrates Veteran Day every year on 11th of November.  Since on 11 November, the world war I come to an end. As the war stops, the peace came into effect. So, people commemorate this day as it let the beginning of peace among war struck nations. 

Other nation also observes this day in different names. These nations celebrate it as Armistice Day and Remembrance Day. On these days, they pay their army men tribute for world war I. Earlier the commemoration of this day was fourth Monday of October for a short span of years. This day dedicates to remember the living army personnel who fought in World War I.      

History of Veterans Day

On 28 July 1914 World War I emerges between Germany and allied forces. No doubt, this was causes destruction of several military personnel, civilians, and assets. It was 11th of November 1918 at 11 am when the war stops. A satisfying silence comes victorious over loud battle sounds.  The German, the US and other army professionals of various nation step ahead to sign the Armistice. With the signing of Armistice, they mutually agree to put an end to the ongoing battle. Although the war ends on this day, it was in 1926 when the United Nation Congress officially declares the war end.

The United Nation congress also changes the name of this day. It was known as Armistice Day but, later they call it as Veteran Day. As after World War I, the US military men also fought in two other great wars. These wars are World War 2 and the Korean wars. The US Congress decides to alter its name to acknowledge the army men service in all the wars. The veteran service organization in 1954 appeals to change this day's name. It was because of this appeal that the US Congress accepts to alter its name to Veteran day.

The United States also make an effort to change its date. The official date was always 11th November. With the passing of Holiday bill in 1971, they declare fourth Monday of October as Veteran Day. This experiment lasts no longer. Later they restore the original date that is 11 November.

How Veterans Day Event is celebrated?

On 11 November 1919, USA celebrates its first-ever veteran day. The then president of USA, Woodrow Wilson expresses his thoughts about the Veterans day in a message. Through this message, he addresses his countrymen and takes pride in the achievements of US army. In the memory of died and living army men, the civilians observe this day. They take part in thanksgiving ceremony and offer prayers to their veterans. 

The veteran day organization conducts various veteran day parade in the nation. These parades are taking place since 1919 in different parts of the nation. People can witness this march live on the streets. They can also enjoy it on their television sets sitting at their home. The massive parade among all are the one organizes in the New York City.  

What do people do on Veterans day?

Since its beginning, the US government declare it an official holiday. Government offices, school, and colleges remain off on this day. In other cases, the government official does not have an off they will have a paid holiday. The workers from other organization can have a floating holiday. Their employs are free to enjoy the holiday on some other day on its behalf.

As it is an official holiday, people of United States went out from their house to celebrate it. They experience watching the veteran day parade that is going in their city. People visit the cemetery of people died during world war I. They pay a respectful homage to these cemeteries of died people. People offer prayer and thanks to the cemetery of such soldiers as respect. Some people spend this day in meeting living veteran or their families. These people interact with the living veterans. They came to know about their experiences and stories of wartime. They try to make it a memorable moment. 

Moreover a few memorials and monuments present in the memory of veterans of different wars. People in the USA take out some time to go to these memorials and monuments. It revives their knowledge and memories of wartime.    

Other Stories associated with Event

Some people confuse Veteran day with Memorial Day. The Memorial Day is when the US remember those army men who lost their lives while serving the nation. The nation and its citizen commemorates Memorial Day in May every year. Unlike the Memorial Day, the veteran day observance takes place in November.

There is also a confusion prevailing in the spelling of veteran day. Often a wrong spelling of this day comes under every boy notice. The mistaken spelling word contains an apostrophe in them. Its correct spelling comes out when the US Department of veterans took their website to clear it. The correct spelling of Veterans Day does not contain an apostrophe.  
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