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All About Happy Thanksgiving Day

With festivity around the corner, there is a craze among the people for the occasions down the lane. Not much ahead is the festival of Thanksgiving, a day to celebrate and thank the almighty around. Just a week before the festivities, people have already been excited about the festival and moving ahead to celebrate the occasion with great pomp and show.

History of Happy Thanks Giving Day

It is an important day for the residents of Canada, USA, Germany and Japan. It is celebrated so as to mark the respect to the preceding year and also to thank HIM for the growth of crops around harvest. It marks the end of the year gone by and the coming year.

To welcome the one coming ahead, people gather on this day and celebrate it with inordinate elation and intensity, forgetting all the fears and griefs, to welcome the next one with a smile on the face. Though it has a religious significance associated to it, it too has a secular importance attached to it.

Every fourth Thursday of November is celebrated as the thanksgiving Day  in the US. With the intention of bringing everyone closer and gratitude on the table, the citizens make sure that there is more than just lavish dinners and fancy meals. With ample number of dishes present on the table, there is a tradition of cooking turkey for all the guests. Stuffed potatoes,cranberry sauce and gravy veggies are the major servings present on the dinner table.

This is a tradition to mark the auspiciousness of the day. With festivity on wheels, the lavish dinners are more to mark the get-together of the near and the dear ones. Family and friends get collected to start the four-day long weekend on this eve. Also, there is a trend of spending the savings to welcome the Christmas with full fervor. So, this day gives an economical boost to the industry of the US.

A festival becomes a matter to rejoice only when you have people around you to celebrate. And celebrations are fun with food on table. So everyone makes sure to get together with their near ones to have the most out of this day. Not just the opulent suppers is the subject famous on this day, there is more of it for all the residents in US.

There is a special set of demands and offers for the residents, providing them a chance to explore more of their malls and shopping streets, spending pennies more than the usual and ornamenting themselves with the new clothes and accessories available.  Not just the fashion market is on demand, but also, there is a wide availability of all the technical accessories, offered at variable discounts and offers for all the people on the day of thanksgiving.

There is a great deal of parades and processions in many cities of the US, where people get together in groups to signify the message of their happiness and thanks the Almighty of what they have been offered in the ongoing year. Also, they pray for the same wealth and health in the incoming year.

All the public and private institutions, schools and offices are closed on the eve of Thanksgiving day. Even the public means of transport comes to a standstill as it is a day off from work even from these people. As a result, there is a great amount of congestion on the streets outside, displaying the fever of Thanksgiving amongst the crowds. They pray for the well being of their nears and dears and thank for the things they already possess.

There are many old tales associated with the eve of Thanksgiving day. Since 1970, every year, on this day a batch of Native Americans and their supporters get collected and stage a protest for a National Day of Mourning at the Plymouth Rock in the town of Plymouth, Massachusetts on Thanksgiving Day. So every year, this day is also been observed as the American Indian Heritage day, another unknown fact about the Thanksgiving.

Another tale to mark the history of this day goes back to 1789 when the then president, George Washington called all the natives outside on streets to thanks and acknowledge the Almighty for all the fortunes they have and this marked an opportunity to establish a day for the safety and peace of the nation by observing a day of honor and prayer. Washington declared this as a day of the celebration for the people of US, so a new tradition of celebration came into existence. 

But the upcoming presidents of the US did not favor this practice of making this day a matter of federal concern so it was never ever made a government holiday. Abraham Lincoln in 1863 and and Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939 made different proclamations and the confusion was created while celebrating this day. 

One of them declared the day of offering as the fourth Thursday of November while the other one observed the third Thursday as the day to thank the military for their services towards the nation. But in 1941, this confusion came to an end and then running Congress declared the fourth one as an official one. Since then, the fourth Thursday of November is declared as a federal holiday and celebrated with the name of Thanksgiving, an eve to thanks God for bestowing a share of fortunes upon every individual.

As we all know that Turkey is a chief food being cooked on this day, there is an important deal attached to it. Turkey was then a rare and costly commodity, costing up to a day wage for the residents. It might be readily available now but in the earlier years, a full ten pound turkey was a treat very rare. 

The significance is such that even Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin accompanied a roasted and fully cooked turkey in the foils to the moon and ate it as the first treat when they landed on moon. Such is its momentum among the people in the US. In other countries, Thursday is not necessarily the day of Thanksgiving. In Canada, second Monday of October is celebrated as the day of Thanksgiving, again offering people a long holiday including the weekend.

This day marks a national importance not only in US but many other countries worldwide, giving a day to celebrate the get-together among the family and friends before the arrival of Christmas. Hence, the awakening of the festivities.

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