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Columbus Day is a landmark in the history of America. Folks remember the European discoverer Cristopher Columbus on this event. On this day, Columbus arrives in the American land for the first time. This day marks the anniversary of Columbus landing in America. It opens the gateway for Europeans to reach America. The world came to know about this vast nation.

Introduction of Information of Columbus Day

Let’s looks into some fact of Columbus Day. This day traditionally falls on 12 October every year. However, United States people observe it on the second Monday of October. There are many nations in America observing this day. These nations are Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Venezuela, the US, and Cañada.

Although, the discovery of America takes place much before. Even before the birth of Columbus. But this discovery was not much known to the world. America got popular after Columbus introduce it to the world. Later, people from Italy and Spain start coming here to settle down.

History of Columbus Day

The history of Columbus Day dates back in 1492. Columbus took his first voyage at a young age. He starts sailing into the Atlantic sea. The focus was to find a tiny sea route to the east. It was Castile monarchy who funds his voyages. In his first voyage with three ships, he reaches to San Salvador island.  At present, this Island is none other the Bahamas island. The day he comes to Bahamas island was 12 October 1492. Along with the Bahamas, he also uncovers Cuba in his first trip.

After the first trip, Columbus took three more voyages. He finds out many parts of America in these trips. But, he doesn't discover the whole America. Columbus calls America to the New World. Following his routes, many European reaches America. Their motive was to settle here. Later on, these they made their colonies in various states.    

After 300 years some American states began celebrating Columbus Day. It was the first celebration of Columbus Day. In 1937 the then US President Franklin D Roosevelt declared Columbus Day an official holiday. However, the Colorado state of America already announces holiday in 1905. Hence, it became the first state in America to do so.

Earlier, the US citizen celebrates Columbus Day on 12th of October. After 1971 the US change the date from 12th October to second Monday of October. Often, this day comes in line with the American Navy Day. The American Navy Day dates on 13th of October.

Celebration & Columbus Day Images 2020

Columbus Day is more popular among the Italian and Spanish origin people, living in America. In the year 1892 Columbus Day hold its 400th anniversary. Various members of society spread the ideals of patriotism in the citizens. On completing 400 years, President Benjamin Harrison asks his countrymen to make a grand celebration. He also terms this day as Discover Day.

People of America organizes different programs. The event starts with huge parades. There were several participants take part. A large mass of people come together on the streets. They enjoy the view of march. The New York claims to hold the biggest march of all. The number of attendees in the New York city march exceeds 35 thousand people. A similar celebration takes place in the Boston and San Francisco city. The Italian American also observes this day as Italian Heritage Day.

What do people do to celebrate Columbus Day Event?

Not all-American states have a holiday on this event. Many states enjoy a public holiday. The schools, colleges, and government offices remain off. No work takes place at these places. But, Private business and markets work just like normal day. In some states, this day does not have any holiday. Every working place function as usual. 

Even the school, colleges and post offices remain open. This day is of much value to Italian American people. So, they celebrate it wholeheartedly. They dress up, go out and organizes a feast. Other having the holiday on this occasion also go out to watch parades.

Other stories of Columbus Day?

There are few states in the US not celebrating Columbus Day. They are Hawaii, Vermont, South Dakota, Oregon, and Alaska. Besides this, many places in the US re-name this day. Earlier they know it as Columbus Day but, now as the Native American day. For example, Berkeley, California, Denver, Colorado, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Massachusetts, Arizona and many others.

People celebrate this day as Native American Day, Indigenous People Day or Discover’s Day. Like, Hawaii observes Discoverer’s Day in its place. Also, Vermont celebrates it as Indigenous Peoples' Day. South Dakota calls it the Indigenous People Day, not the Columbus Day. An effort to honor the indigenous American, the original inhabitant of America.

For many years the world knew Christopher Columbus as the real founder of America. The study and research work by several historians proves it wrong. These researchers tell a different fact. They reveal that the real founder of America was Vikings and not Columbus. Vikings were the group of explorers from Scandinavian countries. They were the first one to come to America during 12th and 13th century. They call it Newfoundland.

Recent Controversy on Columbus Day

Columbus Day also lists as a controversial occasion. After all, Columbus arrival results in the set-up of Italian and Spanish people. As the time passes, these European people start making their colonies in America. The native American paid a hefty price as a result of the European colony. All in all, they began to lose their land and their lives. As a result, the counting of these native American reduces at a fast pace.

Columbus also took several native American with him to Italy. They were forced to work as slaves of European people. In the end, only a few people who left in this land. They had to live under the harsh rule of the European. With time, it ruins the cultural heritage of America’s native population. 

Different folk also went on the streets to protest against celebrating this day. They carry their protest march peacefully. Meanwhile, some states stop giving holiday on this event. In fact, no event takes place in these parts of America.                                                     

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